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East of Eden in the Land of Nod. The gentiles existed. Adam and Eve were the first Jewish people God created, everyone else is a gentile unless they are related to Adam and Eve.

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So, Adam and eve were the first, or not?

Omg, why has everyone been teaching in xtianity that they were the very first humans, if they weren't?

That is messed up, cuz that entirely changes the whole story.

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Adam and Eve are the first humans in the garden of Eden, which they got chased out of when The Devil tempted them to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. They are the first Jewish people. They have to live on Earth after that and meet other humans who were created later so they had something to keep the bloodline going on without resorting to incest.

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If they did not entirely propagate through incest then none of thier progeny is pure. They would need to mix every generation with more goy until they become them almost entirely.