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When you folks finally wake up and realize that china took over Reddit and other websites and then it creates conflicts so that we can fight each other...

China cultivates the tranny wars and the LGBT wars.

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You spelled Israel wrong.

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Go fuck yourself

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He's not wrong. China has even said they want to be more jewish because they are amazing at manipulating the west.

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I hear many complaints about Jewish people..

What horrible things is it that Jews do?

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It's not all jews, but it's enough to make stereotypes real.

They Manipulate your expectations.

They are the great gaslight fanning the flames of war in order to have global dominance.

They change their names to pretend they're white. They own all banks and msm.

They actively push wars on countries that want to break free from global banking. Any country that wants a gold standard is attacked.

They put people in prison for wrongthink.

They mutilate boys penises.

They have barely any masculine traits, and quick to temper.

They killed 100 million whites in the last century.

They were responsible for owning the most black slaves in America.

They lied about Hitler's gas chambers and the 6 million deaths to make people feel sorry for them after THEY went to war with Germany.

They push race mixing, while refusing race mixing in Israel.

They have a nice wall, while telling Americans they don't need one.

They are the puppet masters. We are the pawns.

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It is all jews

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Not all jews can be in power is what I mean. NONE of them say there's jews behind the wheel.

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They did the slave trade, owned all the slave ships, brought blacks to America, 40% of them owned slaves.
Then after Whites banned slavery, the jews began telling whites and blacks that whites did the slave trade.

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Jews throughout history have been known as mischievous and interfering, causing problems for other religions and cultures. They were exiled from Roman cities on grounds of their mischief. Evidently not much has changed.

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zombeh claims that Jews are mischievous, but in fact it is he that is mischievous. The Jew is most probably innocent on all counts.

zombeh is an invisible and anonymous accuser of the innocent.

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The Jew is most probably innocent on all counts.

Sounds like something a Jew would say! 🤔

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you have convinced me that probably all accusations against Jews are false.

my guess is that Jewish people stepped on the toes of an evil gang.

evil never forgives nor forgets.

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You have convinced me that you are an international spy from the great goat herding nation of Tajikistan. You will know nothing of my goat herding skills, Jew sympathiser! Keep your penis away from my herd!

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Observe u/jet199 and you will see

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And I'm only 2% so imagine what a 100% Jewish person is like.

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Scary 😲

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Here we go again. This gets answered over and over and still people ask. It's almost as if it will keep getting asked over and over until people are exhausted of answering, just so (((they))) can say "see you don't have an answer".

We need a sub for this. So I made one. s/whatdidthejewsdo I don't have time now to post, but I'll get to it soon. Anyone with response, please feel free to add.

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what horrible things is it that Jews do?

How much time you got?

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the clock is ticking bitch.

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Go gas yourself

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reported for advocating violence.

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Jews own facebook, twitter, reddit, youtube etc

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'China owns Reddit' is literally just another reddit meme that is repeated endlessly while being completely and obviously wrong. If China owns reddit then why does the front page always features anti-China and anti-Russia posts? It is in fact backwards; reddit is owned by China's geopolitical enemies. Just look at who draws the policy for the platform(i.e. decides which content should be supressed and banned), no one less than an Atlantic Council representative.

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Ffs we know we know who owns reddit. Its not a secret. Advanced publications bought it and after that it turned to shit. Advanced publications is owned by the Newhouse family. They are zionist jews, not Chinese.

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Owner Advance Publications (majority shareholder)[3]
Owner Newhouse family
Donald Newhouse (President)
Donald Newhouse is Jewish, and was listed on the Jerusalem Post's list of the world's 50 richest Jews in 2010.[5]

Reddit is not owned by China but Jews. Stop being a racist towards the chinese, when jews are the guilty

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It's a nice platitude, but there will always be consequences for speech. Look at Julian Assange...

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Well the US does have free speech, reddit admins however has their own rules regarding free speech.

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Well in the United States (at least during a previous generation when the constitution actually mattered), the constitution only protects you from government entities inhibiting, prohibiting, or punishing speech or the free exercise thereof.

Nothing in the constitution precludes one from consequences from private entities. In fact, the founders warned, that the constitution was for a moral and religious people, wholly unsuited for any other. Individuals should be held accountable from their peers.

Of course, the rights of the government far outweigh individual rights now, but that's a symptom of a people that no longer identify with the declaration of independence, and at this point the constitution should be scrapped, instead of dismantling it one piece at a time as we've done for the past 60 years. The govt cherry picks it's groups that free speech is enforced for, like the ability to force someone to bake a cake for something they don't agree with

Maybe another country has something different, but the original author's premise is wrong in the context of the US, and again, displays woefully inept and ignorant knowledge of the US Constitution. He owns credence to the idea that most people living in the USA are made to be ruled, and another reason for a Chinese style system

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That's right. The US is basically a perfect representative of what Plato described as an "Oligarchy". The government of the rich in which money replaces the value of virtue, and by keeping the masses pleased with material goods and manipulating the media and the constitution, the oligarchs end up becoming a tyrannical force over society.

I don't think the old traditionalist religious systems were perfect, but I sure see them as better than the Libertarian democracy embraced by people nowadays.

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I surely don't believe in absolute freedom of speech as a good condition for the level of discourse, but I do think that It's better to have a lot of free speech rather than having the opinions be controlled by corrupt groups.

Either way, while there are honest Libertarians that believe it is the best way, I'm sure a lot of people only defend free speech because it keeps them from being held accountable for their own degeneracy. Without people protecting the level of discourse as well, (as in good authorities) there's nothing stopping subversive groups from corrupting the ideas that people talk about destroying morality as well in the process.

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Freedom of speech is good. Freedom of behaviour is bad. If you said deluxe nigger faggot in a sentence like this one, there's no aggression behind it, so I don't see a problem, because you know when the conversation is over, it's over.

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Fools need to learn about Tencent & ByteDance & where/who their money comes from & what all they're 'controlling' BTS.

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I don't entirely agree, but it is indeed an interesting concept to think about. I mean, to some degree all speech always will have some sort of consequence; good, bad or neutral. But when someone is pointing a figurative gun against you to suppress you from expressing ideas that go against the norm, are you really free to speak?

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Wow speech shouldn't have consequences? This is news to me.

Can we extend this to actions as well? We could overturn Newton's third law!

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I think you dropped this while writing your title:


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Just copied the title but that brings in perspective.

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Tyrannical control of the public, border-lining on fascism, requires strict enforcement of approved ideas and hard punishment and retributions for people who question on thinking against those ideas.

Fascism's simple concept is allowing only your ideas/ideology, by forcing, persecution, and intimidation. Other the other things you've heard defining it, are just definition-by example, but not required.

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Yeah, noticed that very well. Hope that it gets quelled before something really happens.