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You are passing judgement knowing that you are bound to be wrong about some of the judgements, even if you are right more than wrong. This kind of heuristic thinking is a simplification usually practiced by people without the brainpower for more sophisticated and accurate strategies, and does not do your high IQ justice

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It's called pragmatic reality.

This kind of heuristic thinking is a simplification usually practiced by people without the brainpower for more sophisticated and accurate strategies, and does not do your high IQ justice


Every judgment is based on approximation. Every act of decision-making, in fact, is based on probability and assumptions, in the face against what could be incredibly rare odds to the contrary. Even walking around is a continual chain of making approximations that may or may not pan out to be true.

I will make approximations that disfavor people who exhibit her retarded decision making. And I will be correct in doing so, given the subject matter. By your logic, I should just "accept" or even "love" literally every stupid retarded action anyone does. It definitely does my high IQ justice, in understanding the importance of shaming retarded "cultural" habits that are on the rise due to middle IQs "tolerating" retardation --- in the name of bad values, simping, or because they themselves are degenerates who want to defend fellow degenerates.

I will also pass judgment on thugs walking around trying to appear "tough" and "intimidating", even if it's to only laugh and shame in hopes that this "trend" and "characteristic" doesn't become more popular.

I will also pass judgment on some giant fat man in a stripper costume with a giant prosthetic chest and demon makeup as if it should become "the new norm" in the office or at school or anywhere mainstream.

I will also pass judgment on her uglifying marking all over her body and other body "modifications" that are retarded.

I will also pass judgment on psychopathic normies who wear pro vax poison shirts and anti-pureblood shirts ("kill the unvaxxed").

I will also pass judgment on redditors.

I'm fine with the approximation's error rate.

Rare instances who are outside the norm don't contradict my critique either. Being a good person with good values doesn't mean I applaud and stand silent to every decision they make.

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A judgment remains invalid until confirmed, unless you actually believe every priest to be a molester and every Muslim to be a terrorist because they fit the type? Image may seem important to you in your judgement, but your opinion is clouded by popular culture, media coverage and your own life experiences. The world is far more varied than the world you describe for tattooed women.

What is ugly to you is not ugly for others. Just look at the incel sub, or in your case a mirror and you might find that it is the content of your character which is ugly, not the tattoos.

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Public school teachers and synagogues have higher proportional rates of child abuse than Catholic churches, so that's not a great example of molesters. And those aren't instances of the vast majority (e.g. 99.9%) as the norm, so it's not a good or even logical comparison.

You're projecting. How many tattoos do you have, simp?

Keep defending ugly tattoos and idiot whores and I'll keep calling them out.

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I don't find tattoos ugly, and evidently a large portion of the population agrees with me.

The world has always had idiots and always will Some idiots have tattoos, this doesn't make tattooing idiotic or a description of an idiot.

The world has always had whores and always will. Some whores will have tattoos. This doesn't mean all tattooed people are whores and that tattoos are a label for a whore.

Your deduction that a person should be mistreated because of tattoos that are not offensive, is simply wrong. Treating a person disrespectfully may be justified I'd their actions warrant it, but otherwise it just makes you the asshole for seeing what you want to see.

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Evidently that large portion of the population you speak of is retarded.

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It goes without saying that there are a fair portion of the population who are of average intelligence, which makes a sizable portion either above average or below average. But there is no correlation between intellect and being inked, just as there is no correlation to account for you being a douche.

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There's high causation of being retarded resulting in being "inked". There's 100% correlation of your simping combing with either retardation or trolling.

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There's a high causation of being retarded resulting in driving a car, it means nothing.

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There isn't comparatively.

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Shush you 😝