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White people did not invent racism.

White people did not invent slavery.

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But they think White people were superior at it. Hmm, I wonder why that is?

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    If and when white people are eliminated, the black and brown and red and yellow people will begin fighting amongst themselves.

    Poverty spreads by disguising itself as hatred.

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      next time there is a mass shooting at a black church, we should show them this posting and tell them to suck it.

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      i am convinced that if mr trump were to pull out his cock and he pissed liquid diamonds, you would want to indict him for that.

      when they were trying to "impeach" trump, they assured us that he would be impeached, but he was not successfully impeached...

      do you know why trump supporters are not armed and dangerous? the answer is that mr trump very fiirmly asked them to remain peaceful.

      if mr trump were to issue the order to his supporters that they should all arm themselves with shotguns and to take back the whitehouse, you dont have enough military and law enforcement to even hold them back.

      have you ever tried to hold back five hundred million armed hillbillies?

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      What would happen if I woke up, looked in the mirror and saw a black man. Not much would happen. I would be a little freaked out at first. Shit that's weird. Then, finding nothing wrong with me, continue my life pretty much as always. These people are so racist, acting like your skin color defines your whole character, is your only source of personality. So stupid.

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      Our genetics affect us though, we're slaves to it. I feel reminded of this often. But yeah I mean, just cause someone is black doesn't mean they're a horrible subhuman, my old college roomie is an awesome upstanding dude. Black father, and he's still married to and in love with his high school sweetie, and they have a bunch of adorable kids. I never even saw that man look at another woman.

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      Nature vs nurture is an argument as old as the human race. In my personal experience, cultural differences aside, I've found people generally have a lot more in common than not.

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      Guess I should invest Rent-a-Center.

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      And malt liquor.

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      I try not to be sarcastic and racist, but when people call my ethnic group "an illusion," well, frankly they should be glad that sarcasm and racism are all they get.

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      There was nothing racist about what you said. It's a fact. It's race reality. Don't fall for the redefinition of words, it only perpetuates the practice.

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      redefinition of words

      That is a big problem. This nonsense recession-denial is the latest example. Absolutely ridiculous.

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      and what would happen if wired published an article titled , 'glimps of the future without muslims'/ or blacks. the imbalance is beyond nauseating.

      attending princeton, and harvard, then living in britain, seems he has no qualms enjoying the west. authored, 'the last white man' haven't read it, nor do i plan to, seems racist.

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      Exactly! I reported it for being racist, it was on my Google News Feed. At least it removes it even if nothing else is done. The message is always loud and clear, white people are bad. My niece actually grew up feeling bad for being a "basic white bitch," and she's half mexican ffs. The message is pervasive.

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      cool you took action, and did something. crazy times.

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      You people are high there are millions of whites left in Russia. there would be more if they didn't keep aborting them and the government didn't keep manufacturing famines

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      Whites are a minority really, only making up 11% of world population. The biggest lie is convincing us that we are the majority and to flood western countries with other ethnic groups to make up for historical events that they feel all grumpy about.

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      I note that this review says pretty much nothing, other than showing the author's pessimism on white people. Presumably because it's a trendy talking point.

      This shit is so boring. And inorganic. Wired used to be cool in the 00's. What happened, were they bought by Conde Nast or something?