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Even if Mossad was living with one of the highjackers, in the US, before 9/11, it means nothing? It sounds like your mind is made up already.

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My intuition is that it makes no sense for Jews to do 9/11 because it is a pointless risk when they already control the American political system. Mossad could have lived with a highjacker to spy on them, and it is possible that Mossad wouldn't have stopped 9/11, but that doesn't mean that they were behind it.

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Why control US politics and do nothing with it? Iraq was toppled. Syria was nearly toppled. These and many more actions directly benefit Israel way more than the US.

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Jewish control of US politics already resulted in US support for Israel. 9/11 just caused the US attack on Afghanistan which didn't benefit Israel. Iraq and Syria had nothing to do with 9/11.

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I respect your opinions. But there were Jews all over 9/11, I will not forget or forgive.