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My training set of sais you already can admire, e.g. .

I like em dude. I always liked sais, great for blocking swords, although I don't imagine having any sword fights.

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I was taught you don't "fight" with a sword.

You kill with a sword, if ever necessary.

My sword is literally the only thing i bought, weapon-wise. Because these kind of babies you just can't manufacture on your own.

You need the expertise of a smith.

The bs-propaganda of hollywood is (that sheeple seem to believe): You "swing" a sword.

You actually don't.

You stab or you cut something off that endangers you, if you're able to without exposing yourself.

Distance is control. The ability to soundly judge distance is a key to every fight.

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I always liked sais, great for blocking swords

Originally for planting seeds in the fields.

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Yeah, the peasants weren't allowed to own weapons, so a lot of their weapons were from farm implements.