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I had never taken the time to use this truth social site before.

After using it for an hour, I don't see any of the left-tard negative bullshit..

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They stole diaspora-code, violating their relatively "open" license... so they already lost my respect, before even gaining it.

But it is funny how fascists seemingly only can copy ideas again and again. Maybe centuries of incest disabled their creativity cores epigenetically or smth. like this.

It's a thing I've been thinking about for a long time.

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What the Cinnamon toast fuck crunch are you talking about?

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The code-basis they used to implement this new giant hose to spread their propaganda.

It's basically copied or "stolen" FOSS-code.

Because these dumbasses aren't able to read, obviously.

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Technically, the code that saidit runs is copied off the web.

I do admit that the truth social site is kinda clunky tho.

But I don't get what is your point?

I made a few comments about trump's blunders in another post, but as I see things if Trump was pissing diamonds and rainbows you would still be pissing and moaning.

Having said that, the function of the site is not that it is expected to be the fanciest site in silicon valley, but instead the site serves a purpose in that it allows him to communicate without having those Twitter fruitcakes badgering and banning him.

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Yes. Finally.

Now you admitted him being the most fucked up, moronic clown with the shittiest mischpoke he could assemble that possibly ever walked this planet.

He even isn't funny, that's the thing.

Thanks. More i didn't want to read, actually.

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He made some stupid moves as the president, but since you are so critical of him what is it that prevents you from running for president?

I know why you don't run for president.. because it is easier to run the mouth than it is to step up to the plate and swing the bat.

Most of Mr trump's critics would piss on themselves before they make it thru breakfast if they tried to sit in the oval office.

It is easier to talk than it is to walk.

In closing, if I were one of his advisers, I would explain to him the weaknesses and the strengths of his critics.

I could also show him how to turn his critics into a devoted fan club of groupies.

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Thankfully i'm not an US-citizen !

And even if i could, i wouldn't want to become one.

My queen possibly would kill me slowly with some poison, if i ever even started talking about something like this.

We both spend some "fun" time together laughing about all the funny stuff that happens in US on a regular basis.

Without it, we'd both miss something, i suppose.

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which country are you a citizen of?

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Germany and soon Russia !

But my "roots" are Czech even though i didn't learn this language, sadly.

Next year, fyi.

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You should enjoy the freedoms of Russia.

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Oh hi there! If you look at my latest post on s/ancestry, you can see I have some czech roots from a DNA test. Funnily enough the top result wasn't surprising b/c I entered in information about an ancestor that emigrated to Quebec, and he was born in Switzerland.