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There are a few Dr William Dunn's who came up when I searched. Only one would fit your description. He went to a for profit school which means the PhD is not accredited (so it's not the same as having a real PhD from like University of Iowa). Those places are diploma mills.

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Mind sharing with me how you searched for this? Did you just use Google? Or is there a searchable database?

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Just Google and LinkedIn. People put everything out there these days.

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the really interesting part of this is that i dont think that anybody listened to the second viideo NOR DID THEY GIVE TO ME THEIR OPINION ABOUT THIS "WILLIAM PHD".

there are a couple of reasons why nobody did this.

one reason that nobody gave to me their opinion about his speaking style is because they WILL NOT step out on a limb for free. but if if i was a paying employer corporation, you would get into your fine automobile and drive to his house personally and tar and feather him and shove a stick in his heart. IF IT IS A PAYING JOB for money, of course.

people simply refuse to do a fuckng thing unless they get paid.

for example, if i were to post an official notiice that we are now hiring for a HUMAN RESOURCES ANALYST, REPORT WRITING SKILLS REQUIRED, SALARY $180K, you mf's would be lined up from here to toledo begging me to give consideration to your resume and you would have written up a proper report that details for me the reasons why you think that mr william dunn is or is not a phd.