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No, I meant to ask if liking being on the receiving end speaks of an unhealthy mind.

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it is my opinion that almost everything in this world has some form of a polarity.. a battery has a positive and a negative terminal. the earth has a north and south pole. we have salt and we have pepper. we have up and down. we have left and right. we have hot and cold. we have male and female. and then we have dominance and submission.

we have chocolate and we have vanilla.

of course i am being ridiculous about this.

but, is it healthy to enjoy chocolate and unhealthy to enjoy vanilla?

no, it is simply your preference.

in some situations, i enjoy being slightly submissive.. but in other situations, i can go in the other direction.

it isnt for me to decide which is healthy for you or not.

this is your decision, dont let anyone make that decision for you.

i have marked a date on my calendar on which i will leave this world.

i wish for you a good life.