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his lady is leaving him and it is entirely possible that he might suicide.

muskrat, you can pm me if you want someone to talk to and if you want to meet and hangout for a minute i can do that also.

i think he might have been pretty tore up over her leaving him.

peace and love bro.

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his lady is leaving him

Because of Covid

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that literally isnt the reason... truth is, i have read his posts comments where he talks of wanting to cheat with other females and i think he gets drunk and tells her he is going to do these kinds of things.

some women will tolerate this for a minute, but when they finally draw the line, it is over and done.

once a female loses her "chemistry" for her man, he is screwed like a duck.

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I wouldn't be so sure.

Covid was the leading cause of everything about a year ago.

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If you want to keep getting your dick out your pants keep your tongue in your mouth.