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his lady is leaving him and it is entirely possible that he might suicide.

muskrat, you can pm me if you want someone to talk to and if you want to meet and hangout for a minute i can do that also.

i think he might have been pretty tore up over her leaving him.

peace and love bro.

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If this is true, maybe he was too kind to her, cooking food and leaving loving messages.

If that is true what does this say about women today?

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if worsse comes to worse, muskrat could shack up with weegs and he could probably sleep in the back of his car.

did you know that there are actually government studies that show that fauci says that penis tastes much better than a vagina, even if it is all dirty and nasty and skanky like mine sometimes is.

follow the science, that is what my mama always said when she wasnt drinking to o much...

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Heh, I just posted a song 'Stolen Moments' by Jody Watley, and she says 'I don't wanna live im the back seat'. But that is where my garbage collects. I don't even go back there...

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i apprecate you that.