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Hey Edward

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i figured that was you.. you are always having drama with your lady...

is she really leaving you?

i am really sorry to hear that.

a quick suggestion: even if you arent sure what you did, just tell her that you are sorry for doing it and that you will try to be a better husband or whatever to her.. tell her that you were drunk and you didnt mean what you said.. even if you werent.. plead with her.. again, the ladies need to feel needed.

if that fails, maybe suggest to her that she could always leave tomorrow or the next day and that maybe she could just give it a day and take it slow.

and hey, tell her that you love her.

that always gets em.

if that doesnt work, drink a gallon of oven cleaner and tell her that if you cant live with her that you dont want to live at all. do that while you shove a toilet plunger up your ass.

let me know how it works out.

hey, i am just tryna help a friend..


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You're going to look so good in your limo.

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yeah, i wouldnt hold your breath, but i am still working on it.

thanks for the kind words.