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That thing you said you did with mdma, I did too when I was about 21. It was old school mda. Damn

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i have to say that was a really strong drug.. i was high as fuck.. when i was about 15 or 16 i got invited to a house in san francisco for a church service and dinner, they said there would be weed there... they had an old victorian house which was really nice... one room was setup liike a church... jesus hanging on the wall... candles.. rows of chairs... the priests were wearing robes during the service.. after the service, they came out with a silver platter with like a dozen loaded syringes on it.. they hit me up with mdma.. i was high high high.. i walked by the bedroom of the two priests and they were as naked as baby seals.. they told me that they couldnt perform sexually because of their drug use and they asked me if i would like to help them out with their problem.. i told them that i was gonna go in the living room and play with the stereo..

most of the other kids there for the dinner were only there for the dope.. i didnt continue with the needle.. i just like my weed.. but when i was 24 years old i shot up meth about a half dozen times and then i stopped that also and havent done it since.

praise god.

video: robert tilton - hoo baba kanda

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Ds we have known and loved. I do not remember that televangelist but that is a lovely song. I'm from below the Bible Belt so I've seen plenty of them going back to Oral Roberts.

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his name is robert tilton.. i think his home base is dallas texas. in his prime, he was taking in more than ten million dollars per month. his wife ended up taking him to divorce court..

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Was he the one that was based in Del Rio cause when I was driving around or through Texas and heard that station a lot. What you doin' awake at this hour? Wow!

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More later. I'm making a Thai Green Curry. 👺 Better to have tried and stopped than never to have tried. The direct method—there's nothing like it but it is definitely not sustainable.

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It was the best one ever.