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She's lyin' her ass off. You can see the delight so clearly on her face. I can't forget about the helicopter shot of people filing into the building, filing out, and circling around to go through again

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I'd be crying to that day if it was my child, in an instance where I was made to relive it and being called a liar about it to boot. Sandy Hook is so fucking transparent.

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And, all the others too.

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Oh for sure.

I just like those three to start, the video is the motherload all in one place, and those two guys did all the afterwork stuff on the paperwork trails that prove a lot. Everything else kind of throws together what was already done in it's own way, in my opinion.

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that was my thoughts exactly... any mother that really lost her son in a school shootout would be traumatized permanently and would look depressed and lost.

also, there seems to be a lot of comments on youtube about how there are not any writeups about the actual shooting, etc..

what are your opinions about the pics of the boy and his (cough, cough) mother in the video? do they look faked to you?

edt: ok, here is another angle... i just found a page where they say they had to use some open records act to get access to newspaper articles about the sandy hook shooting, wtf?

also, i read where someone asked why there is no video footage about this sandy hook shooting, and there were responses that said that we didnt have cameras way back when the sandy hook shooting happened, yet it happened in 2012... the well known columbine shootings took place in 1999(13 years before sandy hook) and they had tons of video for that shooting.

my best bet is that alex was right, it was fake.

i bet if alex was to ask to see pics of these kids that were supposedly shot that they maybe have two or three pics... there would also be school yearbook pics...

it was fake.

go alex jones.

edit: this youtube video is an entirely faked video of the shooting scene:

fyi, newton CT is a very upper class community with a population of 27k and somehow twenty first graders got killed? nope.

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I'm not even a layman about photography, but the boat pic looks fake as fuck.

There are three sources that explain Sandy Hook that are very damning.

James Fetzer

Wolfgang Halbig

The video is the standard for Sandy Hook Conspiracy, if you've seen it, sorry, maybe someone else hasn't.

Those two guys go into the very thing your talking about above. The town and state passed laws against gathering information on Sandy Hook. They also deeply go into records that prove all sorts of storytelling was going on.

I honestly can't understand how someone could look into these three sources and not AT LEAST have some questions about it. Like any good useful idiot, I can't get anyone to watch that video that staunchly believes Sandy Hook was real. I guess it's easy to see with your head in the sand?

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The town and state passed laws against gathering information on Sandy Hook.


thanks for the video link, i will watch it now.


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While far from foolproof, one way of spotting liars is through their body language. This video is of a CIA agent who teaches you how to spot lies:

Again, not foolproof, but the CIA agent notes that one major indication is shaking or nodding of the head (doesn't apply to the Indian head bobble). They'll say one thing, then subconsciously shake their head no.

At 0:49 of the mother's testimony, she says "Jessie was real, I am a real mom" while shaking her head no.

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the mother in the video of this page's post, she doesnt act like a mother would act if her son had been murdered, instead she has an agenda to sell and does so with a smile on her face.

have you ever watched the chris watts videos, he is the guy that killed his wife and kids and then was so casual and cool when he should have been frantic with worry because they were missing, but he wasnt.. the chris watts case is an exaggerated example of body language.

chris watts:

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That circling around shit really got me. Like, what the fuck is going on?

Sand hook reeks of false flag.

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Why did the FBI admit that 0 people died? That makes no sense.

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It makes sense, because it's true.

There are many honest agents who do the right thing.

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True. I was thinking that the FBI would change and conceal it.

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I think Sandy Hook was a hoax. I don’t think the recent kid shooting the kids school is fake.

Sandy Hook reeks of glowies. Just like the Las Vegas shooting.

Maybe some kids died. And maybe this woman’s not lying. Like maybe there was some blood shed.

I don’t know. This Alex Jones shot has made me scared to look into it. But I sure as fuck think it’s fake.

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I agree, it looks very fake.

Here's my concern: if Jones is controlled opposition, can we trust his defense to be authentic? Perhaps the point was for him to lose. He was ordered to pay $4.1 million in damages, but he has enough funding. Meanwhile, this becomes a precedent to go after other people who tell the truth.

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i am sure that he has stuck his money away so that nobody can touch it.. this isnt his first rodeo getting sued, i am sure..

i really find it funny that he sat in the court room insisting that sandy hook was legit, lol, cuz he was just simply bullshitting them.

fyi, terms like "precedent" really dont mean much any more because these fucktard democrats seem to have taken control of almost all courts from coast to coast... ffs, the supreme court straight up refused to even listen to trump when he was the actual president.

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He changed his public stance on Sandy Hoax years ago after being pressured. He said on Joe Rogan that he now believes that people died based on the grieving parents (completely dismissing all the evidence of it being fake that he had presented).

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this shit looks so fake fake fake... so, they must have dropped a box of hammers onto alex jones to shut him up... did you see the look on his face when he was in court "admitting" that the sandy hook shooting was real? he did everything but to tilt his head and wink at us..

i watched a couple of videos about newtown and my first guess was that this town is probably 90% fbi and other three letter agency agents that live there... ie, they fabricated this bullshit as part of their jobs..

larry, did you see that bitchute video or whatever it was that someone posted in this thread? it plainly shows the video from a police car that should show children running thru the parkiing lot, but the parking lot was bare and empty?

do you know what is funny about this? even if they bankrupt alex jones, he just became popular on the global scale and once people take a minute to research this sandy hook bullshit, they wont think of him as a conspiracy theorist any longer.


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Does FBI control areas in such a way? I can see the CIA doing that, but I haven't heard about the FBI doing the same thing.

I didn't see anything noteworthy in that video. The footage was presented as having been shot after the shooting, not during.

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precisely.. there is no video of the shooting. any evidence of the shooting is sketchy.

i suspect that even tho mr alex jones is a tad fanatical, perhaps he is dead on target about this one.

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What I mean is that the footage in that video isn't fake in any way. It's best labeled propaganda. It's more content around a shooting which is assumed to be real, so as to instill the viewer with that same notion. But the footage itself doesn't prove anything either way and contains no red flags that demonstrate fakery.

The problem with Alex Jones is mostly his presentation, not his content. Spies mislead people by telling 99% facts to build up credibility, and only lying 1% of the time. In this case, people believing those lies and repeating them will lose credibility and also start doubting themselves. I remember Jones saying that bullets can change direction mid-air in one video. Nonetheless, his presentations on Sandy Hoax, 9/11 and the like do seem worthwhile. Just tread with caution.

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Remind me when the next mass shooting happens.

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He loses, pays a hefty fine, solidifies his reputation as "not controlled opposition" for right-wing conspiracy theorists. Discredits him for sheep and left-wing.

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Look at her eyes, she's lying, recalling a script. These people are all apart of a Soros Psyop.

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note: the local newspaper the hartford courant is "woke as fuck".

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Idk, looks like they could've just taken a bad photo during sunset with the flash directly on them, then the news station cranked up the colors in order to try to make it presentable so now it looks really weird.

I can also imagine them not having tons of pictures that aren't dressed up and posing, thus resulting in methods like this in order to get a photo that tells a dramatic story. So it probably is indeed 'fake' in the sense that it is played-up for maximum emotion, even if its taken from real events.

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I can also imagine them not having tons of pictures that aren't dressed up and posing

there are no such pics. these children dont exist. the shooting did not happen. just like covid was a hoax. just like biden is a hoax.