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We increasingly live in a world which George Orwell warned us about, but there is one critical difference, this 'woke' totalitarianism does not come from any central leader, it is self generated, it is diffuse and takes the form of self-censorship that has infected politics, science and the humanities alike and also basic common sense. Driving this are miserable, spiteful yet affluent people, often beyond reason who won't stop until everything is torn down.

The only way to conquer it remains the same and has been constant throughout human history.

Show courage in a world full of cowards.

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It would be nice if somebody set all those things on fire. Make up is bad for your skin and most feminine hygiene products contain toxic chemicals. This entire school district needs to be shut down.

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Just do what the Egyptians did, use Tattoos instead of makeup.

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So permanently deface their bodies with the international symbol for douchebag?

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Personally I think most of this is driven by the internet more than anything. I think the schools have just latched onto it as a progressive identity movement because they don't understand the underlying online forces where most the grooming takes place.

I bet if you banned all children from the internet until they were 18 you'd see the likelihood of trans identification drop to pre-2000's levels.

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You have underestimated the degeneracy which has completely captured the schools of education in America. Low iq women failing into an education degree path get their heads turnt by critical childhood theory and then . . . this

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You've underestimated the degeneracy of the internet and it's influence on the direction for the culture. Of course it's hardly surprising. Normal people don't know about the dark corners of the internet and if they do they don't dare speak of it lest they be grouped with the degenerates, or worse expose the innocent.