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Even taking the drag element out of it it seems uniquely depraved to throw money at a child like they are a stripper.

Are we gonna have mommy and baby pole dancing classes next? Or perhaps a strip tease show for 1st graders?

All those adults there encouraging this shit. Shame on them.

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I'm gay and this shit makes me want to go back in the closet.

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All of you complaining about this missed the boat by about 40 years since they made Ricky Schroder wear a dress on an episode of Silver Spoons, and not only that, they did it so Jason Bateman could pass him off as his date.

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So that's the same as it happening in every city in the country and being defended by the leftists in all popular press outlets is it?

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I’m just saying that that slipped under the radar while this became a focus of outrage and only decades later. Am I the only one who sees the connection? The TV show’s producers also made All in the Family. That show was a slippery slope.