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Archeology tells us that the most primitive hominins were hunters, and that as our techniques for gathering food and preparing it improved, we evolved as well.

Raw meat is rather tough to eat as it is, so we developed a method to predigest it using simple tools; Mechanical tenderization. In other words, our predecessors pounded it between rocks to break up the tough connective tissues. After long ages of preparing our prey in this manner, it also taught us how to make fire. Sparks struck off of the stones would ignite nearby dry grass, causing the hominins of the time to flee briefly until the fires burnt out. Upon returning, the found the meat they had left behind was cooked on the flat preparing rock, and far more attractive in flavor and edibility. Eating meat gained us the ability to make fire, and cooked meat gained us easier to eat, parasite-free, more delicious food. Fire is what gave us safety from predators, the ability to thrive in a broader range of environments, and eventually gave us civilization.

Meat was the foundation of our evolution and development into civilized, intelligent, self aware beings.

So, you're wrong.

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Pure fiction.

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