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The canine teeth we have suggest we have eaten meat a long time. In fact, chimpanzees and humans have identical dental structures, so I would suspect you are incorrect, and humans have always eaten meat. I doubt we were ever carnivores however, but always omnivores

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I mean dogs and all carnivores can partake in some fruits and veggies. And apparently deer are known for eating birds whole on occasion. So i feel like most creatures are to some extent omnivores. I think intestines length and stomach acidity are also good indicators. Predator animals have very high acidity stomachs and short intestines and animals like cows it's the opposite. And we have a middle ground in between both of those so you're probably right.

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Obligate carnivores like cats do eat the stomach of their prey in the wild and even occasionally like nibbling on plants. Nearly all commercial cat foods have plant material. But felines can't utilize the nutrients very efficiently, they don't get the full benefit, they need meat.

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A lot of herbivores have huge canines way larger than humans', like gorillas for example. Canines aren't just for eating meat, they also play a positive role in fighting, intimidation and sexual selection.

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Interesting take and I agree. I think we originally had similar diets like mostly fruit and vegetables along with insects and small rodents. With the use of tools we started to eat larger animals and fish. With the advent of agriculture moved to eating livestock. From an evolutionary perspective don't think a meat heavy diet is ideal.

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T-rex has chlorophyll in his teeth. Everything was herbivorous before the flood.

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This is just because you personally have lead a sheltered life.

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Vegetarians often live a very privileged life, the less privileged know where to get their nutrition from.

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Put a dead rat in front of a human child and say go ahead, eat it and see what happens.

Put some fruit in front of a 6 week old kitten.

Does the child and the kitten refuse to eat those things because they led sheltered lives or because they are unappetizing because they are not naturally part of their diet?

Now put the dead rat in front of the kitten and see what happens. Now put the fruits in front of the human child.

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My cats learn to only see kibble as food. If you want to switch animals to prey there can be an adjustment period. Throwing a rat in front of a starving child or kitten is gonna work better.

Human nutrtional requirements are next to impossible to meet without meat, that hasn't been pointed out yet. Where would we get the necessary protein or iodine, vitamin B12 without meat or modern supplements.

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Ok so prove that. Put a piece of real meat in front of those kibble fed cats and video them refusing to eat it. I'd bet you $1000 they go crazy over it.

As for what anyone or anything eats when they are starving, that is not evidence of anything. I have read about neglected and starving toddlers eating their own diaper. That doesn't mean diapers are naturally part of human diet.

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Deal. I got porkchops and ground beef. You want me to cook it, or try raw.

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Raw. Not frozen though.They will go nuts. I have cats myself I watched the male cat bring them a dead mouse when they were kittens that had never even seen meat before. The little 5 week old kitten that got to it first was literally growling at the other kittens to keep them off it while he was eating that damn mouse. They damn sure never did that over a fruit lol.

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I enjoyed watching that. Four of my cats love the same Temptations brand of treats, making me wonder what's in there that is different from regular kibble.

We can see in your video that there is also a bowl of uneaten kibble, so obviously the handsome Gizmo was not hungry at the time of recording.

Usually when I offer my cats real meat, they turn it down, which is weird to me. They may have become addicted to the GMO corn that is one of the main ingredients in kibble.

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The cheap kibble in the bowl we got for the strays, just stays out for emergencies, he isn't a big fan. I replace it periodically, but that's been untouched for a week or more. He eats Temptations pretty much exclusively. He insists we vary the flavors too, right now he has Beef & Lobster, Turkey, and Seafood Medley, his current favorite.

making me wonder what's in there that is different from regular kibble.

You and me both. I was just mentioning in another thread that I used to make cat food for my dying cat. Human quality chicken and liver were the primary base, but after she passed I stopped making it because Gizmo prefers kibble.

I'm sure I could compel him to eat meat if he was sufficiency motivated, but he doesn't prefer it or even like it. He likes chicken by-product and GMO corn like you said. Which is mind boggling, but I guess we don't always get the results we expect.

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A lot of people believe cat food manufacturers have been putting something addictive in the cat food.

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There has been suspicion for years that something addictive is in some brands of catfood.

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It is possible. Food companies and restaurants have done the same with human food, such as adding the chemical MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).

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Gizmo just had his breakfast kibble, next time he's asking for food I'll put down the raw meat. I am pretty certain he won't touch it. Will film.

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Again, you only think that because your life is very comfortable and sheltered.

I was speaking to a Thai woman recently and she was telling me when they were young meat was scarce so it was quite common for children to hunt rats and lizards to eat for themselves. They never turned anything like that down.

You can buy barbecued rat on the roadside in Thailand and people's mouths water when they see them because that was a luxury to them not long ago.

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Right. A cooked and prepared BARBECUED rat. That is not what I said. If you want to prove you are a natural carnivore go to the pet shop. Get a LIVE rat, set up phone camera to film you killing it with your bare hands and eating the whole thing raw like a carnivore would. You dont have to eat the bowels and the tail.

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Funny you specifically mention a dead rat, of all animals. Clearly a biased take.

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    Humans used to not get sick over the sight of carcasses. In most countries most people don’t get sick. It’s just that if you live in cities or suburbs your whole life, don’t work in butcher shops and never go hunting, you will get sick at the sight of a carcass.

    Besides, meat is delicious.

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    You seem to have forgotten that omnivores exist.

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    You have never experienced true hunger. You would easily rip an animal apart and greedily eat it's bloody guts if you were starving. Go home PETA, you're drunk.

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    I am not drunk but you are an idiot if you think what people would resort to eating when experiencing "true hunger" is representative of their natural diet. Starving babies have been found with pieces of their own diaper in their stomach does that mean diapers are their natural food?

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    Yes diapers are a baby's natural food. You should be eating nothing but dirty diapers. Stop denying our bio-essential reality.

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      It does smell fragrant.

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      Dehydration. Salt. Smoking. Freezing.

      There is a box of dry meat in our pantry that is several months old. Still very good.

      The best things about vegans and vegetarians, is that they are the first to die when society collapses or famine comes.

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      More meat for us!

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      Don't spoil the surprise.

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      There is greater satisfaction in watching them suffer in a "told you so" scenario.

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      If you've ever worked in a slaughterhouse or butcher, you'd know how appealing fresh meat can smell. Carving a large piece of beef rump is mouthwatering. I often cook my beef, duck, tuna and lamb rare to get the best flavour.

      Those who farm, hunt, work in the food industry are less shy of dead animals. In the modern age there are many who don't know where their food comes from, some even think potato grows on trees. Many have never carved up a chicken even.

      Humans and our ancestors have adapted and formed habits over hundreds of thousands of years to survive on many foods. Let us be grateful that we did begin eating meat as it's thought to have been the trigger in our development of tools and larger brains. I find it more remarkable that we ever began eating mushrooms.

      It's also worth noting that humans have modified dozens of fruit and veg to our liking through selective breeding. Bananas were not naturally sweet, strawberry were wild strawberry, apples were small and bitter, tomatoes were not of a million shapes and sizes and flavours. Humans have grown these larger, sweeter, and more nutritious and tasty than were found in nature.

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      We can digest it. If we weren’t meant to it should be as indigestible as rock.

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      The koala would still try to argue with you. It'd be wrong, but that's koalas for you.

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      We are able to break things down and digest them even if we shouldn't, it's also why we can take in nutrients and substances like medications. Begs the question though, as to what we shouldn't be forcing our body to digest. Artificial sweeteners? Vegetable oil? It takes 34kg of corn to make a litre of corn oil, that doesn't sound natural.

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      How many grapes does it take to make wine? Ever dehydrated food before? 1kg of apples suddenly becomes a 1/5th of the weight.

      Owls eat entire skeletons when they cant digest it.

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      That is not an equivalent comparison. We eat grapes, we do not eat 34kg of corn husk and waste product.

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      Vegetarian animals do.

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      I'll eat them.

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      That argument is too dumb to consider countering. Go through history and re learn how people used to survive.

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      They didn't survive on corn husk.

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      Well, you cant survive on any one single food item either. So that argument is moot.

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      Strawman. There was never an implication of this or any other food stuff being a sole source of dietary sustenance. That said, you can live on meat products with little to no health issues as a result. My point is clear, that it is natural to say that you would eat an apple, it is not natural to say you would eat the tree.

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      There was never an implication of this or any other food stuff being a sole source of dietary sustenance.


      They didn't survive on corn husk.

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      You're being pedantic, and intentionally missing my point. You suggest that I should learn history and how people survived, I respectfully rejected your proposal based on the obvious, that corn husk is not a survival food, nor is there evidence that humans historicaly survived by eating kilos of leftover corn husk. I never said anything about corn husk being a sole source of nutrition, but if I did so, I would stand by corn husk being garbage and insufficient to survive on as even a fraction of our diet.

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      If our bodies are capable of absorbing nutrients from meat we are either evolved to be able to or God designed our bodies to be able to at meat.

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      Lets lean towards evolution on this one.

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      Clearly you've never sampled some of the more "exotic" non-western cuisines.

      A revulsion to death is a normal survival mechanism. You see a dead animal you need to be aware of the threat that killed it can kill you. Same with old disgusting carcasses that are rotting. You won't want to get sick from disease.

      A number of animals are super tasty even if you don't cook them. Horse. Chicken. Almost all kinds of fish. Hell even whale tastes great raw.

      Cooking meat is just safer hygienically and usually makes things taste better. Horse is great raw but even better when you cook it a bit. And there's nothing more salivating than an almost raw super rare steak.

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      Amazing. You have simply said something and claimed it to be facts. You should start a cult.

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      The amazing thing is you can't see that what I said is demonstrably accurate. You should start a special ed class and join it.

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      I was a vegetarian for most of my 20's. Your a damn liar that assumes everyone shares your point of view.

      demonstrably accurate

      A gross misuse of words. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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      And yet we possess digestive enzymes capable of digesting meat with no problem.

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      Those enzymes that were designed to digest mothers milk proteins.

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      And I bet you use yours for daddies milk.

      Please, if we were designed to eat plants we should be able to digest cellulose given how much energy is locked in that. B12 while we're at it should also be a synthesised vitamin for humans too.

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      I will continue to eat meat because nothing sticks it to vegans more than eating red meat.

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      i was vegan for 6 years, it fucks you up. we need meat. you probably think i work for big meat..... i used to think like that. it messes your mind up as well as your body.

      what gets me is that the vegan lies are too well crafted. military grade. they put a lot of thought into the propaganda.

      but the most obvious lies are that we don't have the correct colons for meat, and that meat poisons us and that milk is poison. these are easily disproven.

      there is a whole book called the protein myth, it convinces you you don't even need protein. but its essential to human body function. steak is the best food for a reason. veganism is an eating disorder... many can never break out of it. please just try some fish or eggs, you can feel the IMMEDIATE benefit.

      please i emplore you to look past your squeamishness. things die its fine.

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      It's why children who are brought up on vegan diets die. It really does fuck people up, and few speak up like you have here. After recently trying a more meat product diet and reduction of unnecessary carbs, I only felt better and better. We are led to believe that we need grains and flour in our life, that we need a vegetarian and soy based diet. It's all a lie.

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      yes. its not surprising that people fall for it though. but thinking about what is behind all this really worries me. same with all the other woke madness.

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      Profits and greed, I suspect. A good example is when the UK introduced a sugar tax that targets high sugar drinks, manufacturers have pushed aspartame instead. Of course they continue to increase prices but they now have a reduced production cost by replacing sugars with a cheap substitute. The weak minded fall for the advertising campaigns, health propaganda and woke activism.

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      Bro if we weren't supposed to be eating meat then why does Chicken and pork taste good and vegetables taste like garbage

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      Because it is cooked. If you were supposed to it meat you would eat it raw like you would eat fruit raw.

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      Bro you would think vegetables would taste more delicious raw or not because were "supposed" to eat Them BUT they still taste garbage why?


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      Vegetables taste garbage because you overcook them.

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      Give it up Trane, nobody here wants to be a Vegan. We trained wolves with meat to breed them into dogs to serve us.

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        I'm so looking forward to the mad max times when I'll be able to eat vegans like raven9. /s

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        Good thing we started eating meat, or we would end up like the Orangutans who are now facing extinction because their habitat is disappearing. Humans on the other hand, were able to populate the whole world.

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        Archeology tells us that the most primitive hominins were hunters, and that as our techniques for gathering food and preparing it improved, we evolved as well.

        Raw meat is rather tough to eat as it is, so we developed a method to predigest it using simple tools; Mechanical tenderization. In other words, our predecessors pounded it between rocks to break up the tough connective tissues. After long ages of preparing our prey in this manner, it also taught us how to make fire. Sparks struck off of the stones would ignite nearby dry grass, causing the hominins of the time to flee briefly until the fires burnt out. Upon returning, the found the meat they had left behind was cooked on the flat preparing rock, and far more attractive in flavor and edibility. Eating meat gained us the ability to make fire, and cooked meat gained us easier to eat, parasite-free, more delicious food. Fire is what gave us safety from predators, the ability to thrive in a broader range of environments, and eventually gave us civilization.

        Meat was the foundation of our evolution and development into civilized, intelligent, self aware beings.

        So, you're wrong.

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        Pure fiction.

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        Humans aren't carnivores, we're omnivores.

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        We have always been omnivores. And we didn't always know when fruits or veggies were safe. Someone tried it, lived or died, then told everyone else. I thought this was common knowledge but now schools are focused on dumbing kids down and propogandizing kids so they are easier to manipulate and control. Dumb people make stupid decisions based on emotions which are almost always bad decisions. If you can't look at the facts because it hurts the feelz, then there will never be any real solutions. Like defund the police. People were told cops are racist and killing black people a lot. So the simple school of thought is Cops bad - > No cops is good = utopia. What actually happened is crime skyrocketed because the da's won't charge people, so no consequences for crime so way more crime, cops give up cause tired of risking lives for literally no reason and now it's open season on innocent people. So they have no choice but to protect themselves.... Oh wait, the same people who got rid of the cops also made super strict gun laws so no one can have a firearm or protect themselves.... Except the criminals, they have all the guns and its like fish in a barrel, everyone is game, so even more crime and victims. So at that point you would think people would go "hmm, maybe something else is going on here, let's look at the stats, only 9 unarmed black people killed by police is 2019?!?! 7 were justified?!?! What have we done!?! Black people make up 13% of the US population yet to 50% of violent crime?!?! Oh.... Maybe it's not a race thing, maybe it's more complicated than they allowed me to think".... But instead we got "WE NEED TO BAN MORE GUNS!! WE NEED TO LIMIT LEGAL AND LAWABIDING CITIZENS ACCESS TO GUNS EVEN MORE!! THAT WILL FIX THIS!!"..... Good grief. Gun control doesn't work, it just creates more victims and more crime. All the high crime cities in America also have strict gun control. It just doesn't work, it only limits good people who don't break the law, it does nothing to stop crime. And if you think it will end mass shootings, you are dumb. The FBI failed to deny background checks for most of the mass shooters, they had mental illness on their records which is an instant fail yet somehow the FBI just let it go. Most mass shooters use handguns anyway, just like most criminals. If people wanted to be smart, they would look at those stats as well. On average, 38k gun deaths a year, 65% suicides, 0.18% mass shootings and the rest are homicides so like 15k, 2500 of those are domestic violence, the rest is gang related with illegal firearms and the mass shooters usually are on a psychotropic antidepressant. There are more than twice as many fatal car accidents than gun murders in America. And most of those murders come from cities with strict gun control. Drugs, alcohol, suicides, obesity, the crazy high amount of people on anti depressants, we have a serious need for mental health help in this country. The CDC did a study of defensive uses of firearms every year ( I. E. Lives saved with guns by citizens) and found that there were up to 2.4 MILLION defensive uses of a firearm in a year, 80% didn't even have to shoot.

        I apologize for ranting, and I am not trying to call anyone dumb here, and this isnt directed at the OP either. I'm just so sick and tired of being lied to, gaslit, used and abused, and manipulated for corrupt politicians agenda for power and money. When are we all going to wake up and realized we are being played against each other so the people power can laugh at us while taking away our freedom and opportunity? If we worked together we could actually get real change. Maybe one day, hopefully sokn because we are quickly getting to "too late".

        [–]iDontShift 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        the big flood. theory i've come to accept is atlantis was, it went under.. and the survivors... began to eat whatever they could to survive

        [–]yabbit 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

        true. vegetarianism is better for your health and the environment

        [–][deleted] 4 insightful - 4 fun4 insightful - 3 fun5 insightful - 4 fun -  (0 children)

        What carrot you been smoking?

        [–]ShekelPa 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        Wrong. It is worse for your health and actually compromising to the environment when you consider that all non animal foods are extremely nutrient deficient, so more would need to be made, meaning more land would need to be repurposed.

        [–]ID10T 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        It is not better for either.

        [–]In-the-clouds 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

        It is an interesting question you raise, raven9, especially: how did man first begin eating meat? In the beginning, man only ate the fruit of trees, and the grains of the field, and drank milk from animals. (Milk has a protein profile similar to meat.) The first man did not eat meat. But it didn't take long for him to change his diet, since even in the first book of the Bible (Genesis chapter 27) we read that man ate goat meat and venison.

        The sight of bread is appealing to me. I love bread. And yet bread is no where in the wild. It is something that requires cooking to make. Again, we could ask, how did man first begin eating bread? And how did the idea even occur to him to transform seeds into bread?

        [–]raven9[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

        I would imagine people who found they could eat things that were tough by breaking them down between rocks had been doing that to grass seeds. Doing that repeatedly over time would create the powdery residue substance that we call flour. Then if that got wet in the rain and solidified into cakes when it dried they might have realized that was a good thing to do... That would be one step away from cooking it and making a basic bread.

        [–]In-the-clouds 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        And how would you explain the use of leaven? Yeast is used to make bread rise, but how would man know how to cultivate yeast, waiting patiently for it to grow, before he could use it in bread, and again wait patiently for the dough to rise? Do you think that was another accident or even a mistake?

        [–]Bond_Villain 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        I do lots of things on the fly.

        [–]yelgy 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)