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in case it doesn't show for you:

it's the overall data age-sex pyramid from

edit: wooooooooah nelly. I was zooming in to catch my own screenshot of the chart and the screen grayed out. Said I'd got kicked:

I reloaded the page and SHAZAM suddenly there are all these thousands of women nobody ever heard of, who now have gaypox. Magically.

All of a sudden the numbers changed from 98% faggot males to 56% faggot males.

I watched this jump happen in real-time. Previous to today, the official reporting from literally everyone is this is only men. Now suddenly these women pop up. The difference in the data? One day. The previous data were updated 2022-07-25 and the new data are from 2022-07-25. Thousands of women got it in a day, or this is . . . sketchy.


edit, the third: I notice they don't have any data on the sexual orientation of the female patients. Only male. Crazy. Inb4 gaslighting campaign based on these numbers.

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    Fuck around (literally) and find out.

    Why is this a "global health emergency?" The anti "slut shaming" movement went too far. This isn't an "emergency" for anyone with common sense. Don't fuck randoms and expect not to get STDs. Jesus christ.

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    Agreed. Fags and their promiscuity have a long history of diseases and health problems.

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    huh. I revisited this 3 days later and it's back to being all fags again. I wonder what that was all about!

    Anyway I also notice there are more children 0-9 years old with gaypox than there are women 18-29 with it. For no reason.