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Yeah, men have treated me like shit too, and other women haven't been nice either. Try not to cry about it. Grow up.

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    pretends like my unique experience is the same as hers

    I think you have a serious problem that is hard to explain but makes you think that your personal experiences are special. It's a sort of lack of empathy or a dissociation from others or a deep narcissism. But all those descriptions are offensive and muddy the water rather than allow you to be self reflective and grow. As useless as it might be I'm going to try just in case there is some part of you that can appreciate constructive criticism.

    Doesn’t care about shit except for them selves.

    This describes the reason YOU feel that your experience is different. You don't care that the same thing happened to others. You don't feel thier pain so you can't believe they felt it like you did. And what is more, you are offended that they handled it differently because it invalidates your reaction. So you react by denying that their experience is the same.

    You would do much better to accept that superficial differences are not meaningful. This will give you the ability to see your own situation from a different perspective. You will have the opportunity to learn from others. From thier mistakes AND thier successes. If you can accept that there are others who handle situations better than you do then you can learn from them and do better for yourself.

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      He or she gave you some advice on how to process your emotions and be a better person. I don't understand how you got an offended tone from that, they're trying to help you.

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      Spot on, and way better than I would have said it.

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        I appreciated his insightful comment and figured you wouldn't, so I thought I'd say something. Is that what virtue signaling is?

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        I'd agree the common visage of women is that of an empathetic caregiver, and that's certainly not some universal truth.

        Absolutely abdominal trash.

        I think you meant to type abominable.

        I gotta say, nobody can hurt you like a woman can. I had one woman tell me she loved me one day and ghost me the next. Had no idea if she was alive or dead for months.

        Lots of shitty people out there, but there's some really good ones too.

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          You did it again.

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          My most truthful condolences.

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          They don’t care. They actually have no morals, no intelligence, not kind, not caring, and not emotional.

          Id say this is true of the majority of people of either sex. Women aren't any worse, we just have a false perception that they are better

          Their main shit is makeup (trickery deception) and the kardashians (digusting whores).

          Absolutely. But the problem is males in our society want women like the Kardashians, we tell women that they are the paragons of virtue and womanly desirability, and make men think that this is the kind of woman they should be striving to get. Yes, our society encourages and trains women to act disgustingly, but I'm not convinced the blame for this falls only on women

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          You don't fucking say, lol You only discovered that NOW? Did you born yesterday?

          Also, you seem to extremally bitter that women aren't a perfect, empathetic, pure angels that can't do no evil ever and love everyone unconditionally, just like society promised you so. You can only blame yourself for being such a naive fool. No, women are flawed human beings just like men, grow up and deal with that.

          Oh, btw also did you know that sky is blue?

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          Do you know why the sky actually is blue ?

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          Well....uh.....I never really thought about that, actually.🤔

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            Such a mature and thoughtful response.

            I'm not even offended, I just pity you, little boy. You are truly pathetic.

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            We have our own /s/incels subreddit here, I think you'll fit right in.

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              on Grindr maybe, lol

              But with your attidute, I bet not even gay men would want you.

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              women are total garbage bro. we need sharia now fuck this abortion ban we need a woman ban

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              No hymen no diamond is coming back in style. Women cling out of fear, the more they have been with the less unknown territory scares them and the less faithful they become.

              If sex work is real work, why can't I pay her to bring me coffee in the morning before my blowjob?

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              Very well said. They care only about their entertainment and free dinners and gifts and getting what they want while crying their heart out about rapefugees and niggers. They have a constant sense of entitlement and the best thing men can do right now is GTOW.

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              I never fall for the idea that humans in general are intelligent or moral, people are dumbasses.

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              Studies show women care more for their families, both relatives and partners, while men are more likely to help strangers and cooperate better with their peer group than family.

              Obviously both these stances have their pros and cons.

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              Yeah but they have pussy. Pussy makes up for all that.

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              I'm a nine. And i'm very fixated on mentality and spirituality... which is kind of natural for "some" of the nines... most of the nines express themselves "more" through their body, so to say, though.

              E.g. my first long-term gf still is a kickboxer and hardcore-mode equipment gymnast which is "more" typical for nines. She could do a backward somersault while free-standing and a lot of other stuff with her force of will.

              (Just look at how a number 9 looks... the "head" is heavy, so to say, if you feel inclined enough to believe you can see it though)

              So i only naturally "fall" for female nines, sixes, threes and ones. But ones are especially "difficult" with nines because they actually have to "learn" the language a nine uses, before any "deeper" relationship even can start to develop. (These are "socialites" mostly, so to say. So it is kinda hard to find a rather introverted one who isn't stupid as fuck or too easy to be gaslighted by anyone else...)

              Above that in my everyday life i'm a quite stubborn and kinda "offbeat" person and don't tolerate "mistakes" easily...

              My queen is a one. She invested a lot of time in actually getting to know me and "how" i communicate... That is why i respect her so much without putting her on a pedestal. I value her very highly as a human being. Everything else we do together is a bonus level, so to say.

              When i was younger, i obviously made more mistakes...

              So yes... i fell for these kind of girls... especially a three and another nine hurt me a lot.

              But nines are literally made to get through this kind of "experiences".

              There can be unconditional love on both ends. But nowadays this has become very, very seldom. Almost a phenomenon for itself, sadly.

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                Read into the vedes... because western "numerology" is kinda "make-do" (feels rather "forced"... hard to "explain") numerology. It is simplified, so to say. Kinda shallow...

                You just take the digit sum of the day you were born again and maybe again until you get a digit.

                That's the system with which you can calculate the tensor one by one that "defines" your "reality", i you are "able" to believe into this. Otherwise it "is" kinda pointless, of course.

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                  So be it. When my sub is far enough developed, i'll post about how this "works" in my personal simulation.

                  But since it makes only very "limited" sense without citing all the corresponding sources and "other" stuff, i use for it, you gotta be patient for some months to come to actually be able to look into it.

                  But it'll come, i promise. How you apply it, is your personal decision and i surely can respect that.

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                  Fuck numerology, whether it's real or not it's all an evil matrix archon scheme that is indifferent to our pain. They are the unethical scientists and we are their lab rats. They gave me 90000 mental illnesses and didn't even make my body the right sex, and that's not even half as bad as 90% of the world.

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                  Well. That's an opinion i can respect. Knowledge is a tool. No more no less. You can choose "how" to use it. Even weaponize it, if you feel the urge to...

                  Or you can completely omit it. It's a choice. Yours.

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                  If everything is predestined then it's a vain effort, since you can't change your fate anyway.

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                  But you definitely can make an impact. I'm quite sure of it.

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                  I can't change my destiny of being doomed, and nor can anyone change theirs. It's all what's been given to them, the cards they've been dealt, whether they're aware or not, numerology or not. And 95% of the time it's lifelong torment, you'll get some good mixed in if you're very lucky.

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                  You at first at foremost only can change, what you believe you can change.

                  It's like with seeing with your eyes. You can't see or sense things you don't believe in.

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                  I used to believe I could. It's a cope, it never worked, and now I need to face the bitter reality.

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                  i am also recipe

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                  Male fiction writers invented the genre of romance. Sacrificial, unconditional love is a male ideal. Woman would rather imagine some rich dude marrying them.

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                  Watch sex and the city.

                  fuck no.

                  They don’t care.

                  until your personal needs are taken care of, you can't care for anyone else.. you are worthless until you, yourself are in good shape

                  otherwise what do you have to contribute? nothing but your misery

                  i say you see the world as you see it because you yourself are miserable. you want to be saved, yet see all these 'unworthy folk' getting saved instead of you, you watch funds going to people that blow it on stupid shit

                  the main fuck up is that all this outside shit matters, that you need them to be a certain way for you to be happy

                  no 'worthy woman' would want anything to do with you, because you energies will not align

                  be what you want to find..

                  be intelligent, moral, kind, caring, emotional being .. and suddenly that is what you will find

                  shifting your thinking comes when your needs are met, but i don't think you can meet them without God

                  so if you don't believe God is all there is, then you cannot relax as you are fucked, given what you see on your tv/internet

                  if you condemn my words above as silliness .. then you will forever be confused as to why things are as they are

                  you attract what you are, you produce what you think about, you live the life you imagine

                  careful what you think about, but without God as a crux to turn your thinking upon.. peace is not possible, only to turn yourself into a monster and join the parasites..

                  or continue to be a sheep ..