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Why wouldn't they destroy/disable that equipment before they were captured?

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Makes you wonder doesn't it. Like why do the tanks all look brand new like they have never even been driven? Were they all locked away in a warehouse or something? All we hear from the Ukranian side is their troops have no support yet there is hundreds of millions of dollars worth of tanks and other armoured vehicles right there. They could have created an entire armoured brigade with all that equipment yet there were multiple videos of Ukranian soldiers retreating from Lysychansks on foot...

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I can think of a few reasons they would abandon the equipment and flee on foot. Maybe there aren't all that many soldiers on the Ukrainian side trained in their use. Maybe they were being pressed so hard by Russia that they simply had no time to do anything but flee.

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Maybe it's a psyop.

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If you read the reports about Lysychansks the AFU were ordered to retreat ahead of the Russian advance.

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Huh. I wonder if Ukraine's military command is secretly giving Russia weapons on purpose. Maybe they're getting money for them?