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I was like a deer in the headlights—could not look away.

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Millie points out that it wasn't long ago where these screwball Lgbtp's couldn't seem to define what a woman is, but now they can.

The LGBTP is built upon corruption and perversion and is only capable of creating chaos.

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Thanks for that. Perfume had a series of hit commercials back I don't remember when. Some great legs there. Millie is one definition of a woman.

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I am trying to invent a method for a homebrew abortion toolkit that also works for trannies.


1) sit on toilet

2) zap yourself with a stun gun.

3) flush baby down the toilet.

This method has not been tested on children over the age of four years old.

Franchises available $250k

Wear a mask.

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Needs to be tested on pregnant men. The price is quite reasonable if government subsidies become available. Good work.

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My friend sometimes says that I am naturally book smart.

I got another idea too.. we can make a machine like a zig zag cigarette rolling machine that can turn used cigarette butts into class d tampons. Patent pending.

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Finally red states have a poison pill to discourage lefties from moving to their states. I think red states should not only make abortion illegal they should make it illegal to leave the state to get an abortion under threat of a 15 to 25 year stretch. Then they'll never move here.