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If you want to check actual inflation look at the M1 money supply to a country.

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They just said they are gonna print more. The country will be destroyed by the time Biden hits office. They are taking out transportation first.

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They are putting the screws on the real human beings that actually carry the weight our societies are built on.

Boobleheads and ticks stay fat. They don't have to generate income from actual "jobs".

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They lie about everything. If their mouth is moving then they are lying.

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It's a little healthier and usually more cost effective to buy a half or quarter ham than that pre-sliced stuff.

The government measures inflation in a particular way, based on a consumer goods index I believe. It gets criticized for not being realistic. That's not a new problem at all.

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Funny thing about markets, is they their value on paper is driven by supply and demand, but in reality it is driven largely by human sentiment. This includes the sentiment of perceived and predicted future supply and demand. Because of this, markets frequently start realizing a price change, before the supply/demand impacting events even happen.

This understanding would imply that expected future inflation may largely already be baked into today's value. The only question is how far in the future, and how confident/pessimistic is that perceived future inflation outlook it is based on. Today's value may represent expected inflation to the end of the year, but by the end of the year, it will probably have already mostly baked in the expected inflation of the next fiscal quarter, at least.

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That is a mind-tickling theory ! It feels totally sound at first glance. Saved.

It is something like a short-feedback-loop, i've been thinking for a long time already...

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I was going to say that you are looking at inflation for the regular folks. Biden doesn't care about them.

But, I suspect even the millionaire class is seeing inflation issues. I bet multi-million dollar houses have soared in prices as well. Yachts, probably the same thing. I know in my neighborhood, which was lower middle class 25 years ago is now an upper middle class haven that have seen prices go from $800,000 - 1.3 million in just a couple years.

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Yep, prices have gone up massively on the cheaper stuff. Maybe not so much vegetables but the processed food and grains definitely.

Jack Monroe might be a crazy compulsive liar but she's right about this.

However I still managed to buy a whole chicken for £2.70 today.

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There is no inflation. You just believe there is. What is the physical value of fiat currency? Nothing. How do you increase the value of nothing to something? You make it up.

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You need an economics class.

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Do I? You need to stop being a government love child. If you think a structured learning session from your nearby government regulated educational institution is going to solve this problem, then you are a part of it.

Fiat is worthless, its valued is determined by the retards to subscribe to it. As such, so is the whole economy. In a blink of an eye, the economy can disappear. How is that value? Countries routinely enter a phase where their money is only good for wiping their ass with and of which, there are still better more desirable items to do so with.

You worry about inflation ruining the economy that has no actual value. However, do not think you will be able to get food from someone when your hype driven economy that you THINK has value, disappears.