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I just want to lose my virginity man

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So do I. It seems like in the future you can't even do that. In the old Soviet Union, at least life still went on for people in some ways like people having relationships and sex. Today is another level of repression.

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I don't think so, but it happens really fast and I think we're a lot closer to that point than it seems.

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You don't think so about what?

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That we're as bad or worse than the USSR. Plenty of corrupt politicians want us to be but we aren't there yet.

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Revenge is evil. What do you even gain from it? The answer is nothing, which makes it completely vile, it's that simple.

Being born in a different time isn't going to save you. Being in the best situation of anyone ever isn't. Because you're still in the matrix, which is evil by its very nature, look at even the laws of physics, might is always right, and 99.9999999999% of the time this might is evil. It doesn't care about you, you are just a cog in its system. You grow up, become society's slave, have sex and make more babies for the system, and suffer so the archons can laugh at you. Then you die a horrible death and they present you with a bright light and impersonate people you knew so they can trick you into coming back again. At its very core it's all mind control, which shouldn't even be possible but somehow they've managed it.

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I just want them to get comeuppance. It is also just scary that somehow these people manage the impossible. I don't know much of what else to handle of this situation, it's too dark.

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There's nothing you can do. We live in a simulation whose rulers can do anything they want to you whenever they want with just a push of a button. And they will always set up these bad people to win. The only reason they allow us a little good is so we can have a glimpse of hope, but when we lmost reach the light at the end of the tunnel, at the last second they take it away and make us even worse off than before.

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That's why I feel the way I do to cope.

How could a God who is so-called all-loving permit such to manifest at the kind of level we see today, in the first place?

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The orthodoxy likes to muddy the waters so you can't find out the truth about this world, which is that it is an evil realm ruled entirely by demons. Because the truth is they are secretly all for them and this pointless, evil world, which is why they're so obsessed with conforming to nature and care only about matters concerning this life, and reject anything spiritual.

And usually, whatever Jesus says, they do the exact opposite. He says, "do not judge" and what do they do? Spend all day long judging. He says, "turn the other cheek" and what do they do? Go on entire crusades of revenge. He says, "love your enemies" and what do they do? Persecute their enemies as brutally as they can get away with. He says "don't be angry with your brother" and what do they do? Add "without cause" to nullify the whole point. All in the name of righteousness and "God" of course. Anyone who dares question the narrative is immediately labeled a "sinner" (even though they pretend to acknowledge that everyone is one, their actions show they think otherwise) and persecuted "righteously". Their entire purpose is to replace the truth with a counterfeit religion that serves the rulers just like every other religion out there. It is exactly the same as Judaism in the first century, which Jesus called the "synagogue of Satan" and said their father is the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning. This is probably getting at their scandals, like the temple and the forgeries that make up the bulk of the Old Testament, in which "God" seems to do nothing but murder. This is further confirmed by Jeremiah 7-8, which makes it absolutely clear that a new "law" they were starting to write was fraudulent and evil. The references to it match our five books of Moses, which Jesus also clearly rebukes during the sermon on the plain. But already by the second and even early first century the orthodoxy crept in and church members such as Polycarp were declaring it all heresy, blaming most of it on "Marcion" who they claimed deleted from the New Testament, when really that was just their cover-up for their adding to it. By the fourth century the "heretics" were being persecuted by Constantine and the Roman government, and any dissent against the world or its rulers was effectively purged, and Jesus successfully replaced with a fake one serving the rulers and god of this world. The evil rulers are conflated with God so people can't tell the difference, following whatever the church tells them, which is what the rulers want them to do.

So in reality it is the evil rulers making us miserable in their sick and twisted world, where evil almost always wins. And when it doesn't, it infiltrates. People who like corrupt leaders in the hopes of sharing in their corruption like to attribute this to their god, and that god is the one of this world.

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And you are spot on about the toxic positivity. That's just another scam to trick you into loving this cruel world. Realism is "pessimistic" because this world is bad. Avoiding the ugly truth is a cope.

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I’ll tell why the world so messed up now, but you will dismiss what I say as fanatical rambling. We are on the cusp of the veil being lifted. Soon all people will see the sign of the cross and experience the judgement of God. But after that there will be a grand deception where the antichrist will pretend to be the second coming of Christ. People will worship this man for a few years, and then be wiped out by a comet. After the world war (that he engineered) he will pretend to be a loving savior, bringing peace. The way to understand through all his nice platitudes is that he will teach self love, saying things like if you don’t love yourself first, how can you love others? His teachings will feel good but aren’t loving if you honestly think about it.

The mark of the beast is already prepared. Soon money will be digital and we will need to be chipped to participate in society. His rich and powerful slaves are creating a famine, so people who don’t get government assistance will starve to death, and if people aren’t good cattle the government will turn the chip off.

I don’t know when this will happen but it will happen before the next few years. Whoever loves this evil world doesn’t love God.

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Where did you get that I will dismiss what you say as fanatical?

But yes, that's exactly or pretty close to what is happening, but I still feel dread about it.

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Taking revenge is like shoveling two graves at the same time.

Almost every old enough book comes to this conclusion on revenge.