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we're broker than broke.

My tobacconist

The american dream lives on I see.

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I get the feeling you still live with your parents.

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It's fair.

The Soviet Union bought the film version of the Grapes of Wrath to show to their people the evils of capitalism and had to pull the movie from theatres when ordinary Russians realised that even the supposedly poorest starving Americans still all had cars.

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Except that's not accurate. I know a lot of people who are always badgering their work collegues to get rides to and from work because they cant afford a car and a lot of other people who are forced to sacrifice their standard of living to keep a car on the road they can really not afford because much of the united states has no public transport at all.

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Just like your ability to problem solve your finances, you are completely wrong.

Your priorities in life seem to be the cause of most of your issues. Fix them.

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Your priorities in life seem to be the cause of most of your issues. Fix them.

Hardly. Rolling my own cigarettes makes them cheap. $500 (I think it's way less but for the point) a year is not my problem. Your thinking is sophomoric.

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Smoking has no benefit to your productivity. It is a waste of money and time. If you are not going to sacrifice something like this for a goal, then you will not sacrifice anything else like it. You say its a few dollars here and there, but its always just a few dollars here and there. $500 a year? That is $1000 over two years. $2000 over 4 years.

You think I am being sophomoric? I think you just love the way things are and complain about everything without solving anything. I once lent $500 to a guy who had debtors at his door because he didn't pay his phone bill. We made a deal that he would pay it back after 3 months, which he said he could and would. I also told him he had to change his phone plan, as it was too high. Not only did he not change he phone plan, he didnt pay it back and when I came knocking on his door he called me an asshole because money was all I kept asking him for. In this very case, you are reminding me of him.

You will gain nothing, unless you sacrifice something. The weight and the count of the things you sacrifice, decrease the time and effort required to get that thing you want.

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You're a dirty shit weasel and you lack vision, wisdom You're obviously young.

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Sure. If that is what you want you want to think. Doesn't stop you from being a retard though.

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That's the trap of sophomoric thinking, if you knew better in the first place you wouldn't do it. And that you have, well, here we are.

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No, here is how it goes:

  • A person struggling to get by

  • Highlight issues of their struggle

  • Person is offended at the notion that they are doing something wrong.

It is very common.

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Memories of hiking around campus scrounging through ashtrays, collecting as many butts as possible to take home and scrape the remaining tobacc out and roll up. This was after I took what cash I had to get a 20 wrap of heroin to shoot up in a bars bathroom. Toughens you up.

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This is the native Americans Dream though. That some tickish asshats created a oligopoly from to make a dime on.

The pure, natural version so to say without creating abundance from idiocy or greed.

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Were his hands soft?