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Huh? I have not noticed that from the mods in that sub at all...

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It flies under the radar, but I've spoken to the people who have been banned and you can see the patterns in her comments, especially her comments on s/bisexuals.

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What in the hell happened? I hopped on after a bit of a break and now the sub is restricted and now there’s no place for us to talk anymore?


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I guess there was a recent conflict where a lesbian got in a huge argument on the sub because she said lesbians don't have sex with men and other users were saying some lesbians were neutral about it and accusing her of looking down on "non-goldstars" who had suffered through it, but she wasn't objecting to the fact that some have forced themselves to do it, rather she was objecting to the statement that some lesbians are "neutral" about sex with men.

That broke the camel (Tumbleweed)'s back and she essentially banned everyone and let only a couple choice users who had never disagreed with her and prostrated themselves to her back in. So s/LGBDropTheT is now a bisexual circlejerk sub.

There is s/LGB_Discussions, which I'm hoping becomes more active.

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I've just been back from a 1 year break from that sub and so much has happened... Jeez. If you can (or even pm me), can you tell who specifically this is? I wanna come back, but I also want to stay away from that person too. I'm assuming it's Tumble, as said from another comment?

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It was Tumble, yeah. I really hope you can get in, but a ton of people who used the sub frequently are saying they can't get in, so I'm not optimistic about your chances.