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Which part?

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That's so gay, I got monkeypox.

Good for Jay-Day for abandoning LGB/T.

Based on this comment, I assume that AmericanMuskrat dislikes the LGBT.

the gay/lesbian community has been hijacked by your type

The gay/lesbian community has been hijacked by homophobes? I guess this makes sense if you say that it's been hijacked by trans people who say not wanting to date them is wrong?

You do realize almost 95% of trans people are your type, right? Straight men destroying themselves with a lesbian fetish and straight women destroying themselves with their gay fetish towards gay guys?

AmericanMuskrat is a homophobe with a gay/lesbian fetish? That was what I assumed you meant at first, but now I realize "your type" means "straight people" (does it?).

It's the army of straight girls like your niece who mutilate their bodies and "identify" as gay guys and remove their breasts.

These people make up over 90% of the trans community. Yes, your type.

AmericanMuskrat's niece is transgender? Again, I'm not really sure why you're bringing him and his relatives into this. "Your type" still just refers to straight people, right?

And no, you havent presented some revelation that gays/lesbians already dont know: that you're all a minimum of 10% gay, which is why you're called "".

I'm not involved in LGB/T discourse, so the terminology here is new to me. Is this referring to the "accessory gays" in his comment? I'm not really sure where the "10%" comes from.