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Oh wow I was sure the sub was hacked. Why would you shut it down just because of a simple disagreement, with mainly one person? I read those posts and I've no idea how they warrant this "drama". Hope the mods calm down and allow things to go back to normal.

[–]spicebutton 14 insightful - 6 fun14 insightful - 5 fun15 insightful - 6 fun -  (12 children)

The moderator of that sub is a bisexual woman who for the past year has made it clear she intends on just extracting as much gay/lesbian energy as possible into her fantasy incel utopia of a bisexual the expense of gay people.

Her politics constantly conflicts with homosexual politics, which is "leave us alone" and hers is basically just about dating politics and dating grievances transformed into politics (sort of like most of the guys on this sub). She also has conflicts with gay people and anyone who points out how her insane radical feminist type views arent conducive to actual gay rights.

This would be the 50th time some lesbian left but this time and every time this happens, they cant imagine a lesbian not being as retarded as them in their man hating politics so it must be the illuminati or some psyop...even though this would be lesbian #50 doing this.

That sub has slowly been refined into pure bisexual women incel energy since all the gays and lesbians left.

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Huh? I have not noticed that from the mods in that sub at all...

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It flies under the radar, but I've spoken to the people who have been banned and you can see the patterns in her comments, especially her comments on s/bisexuals.

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What in the hell happened? I hopped on after a bit of a break and now the sub is restricted and now there’s no place for us to talk anymore?


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I guess there was a recent conflict where a lesbian got in a huge argument on the sub because she said lesbians don't have sex with men and other users were saying some lesbians were neutral about it and accusing her of looking down on "non-goldstars" who had suffered through it, but she wasn't objecting to the fact that some have forced themselves to do it, rather she was objecting to the statement that some lesbians are "neutral" about sex with men.

That broke the camel (Tumbleweed)'s back and she essentially banned everyone and let only a couple choice users who had never disagreed with her and prostrated themselves to her back in. So s/LGBDropTheT is now a bisexual circlejerk sub.

There is s/LGB_Discussions, which I'm hoping becomes more active.

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I've just been back from a 1 year break from that sub and so much has happened... Jeez. If you can (or even pm me), can you tell who specifically this is? I wanna come back, but I also want to stay away from that person too. I'm assuming it's Tumble, as said from another comment?

[–]usehername 2 insightful - 3 fun2 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children)

It was Tumble, yeah. I really hope you can get in, but a ton of people who used the sub frequently are saying they can't get in, so I'm not optimistic about your chances.

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This would be the 50th time some lesbian left but this time and every time this happens, they cant imagine a lesbian not being as retarded as them in their man hating politics so it must be the illuminati or some psyop...even though this would be lesbian #50 doing this.

It's weirdly comforting that I wasn't the only one lol.

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The gays should make their own sub and move.

They obviously are happy for someone else to do all the mod work but then the people with an agenda or control issues will all always self select themselves.

[–]spicebutton 11 insightful - 6 fun11 insightful - 5 fun12 insightful - 6 fun -  (3 children)

The gays did all the work and did move. Apparently they forgot to push you out since you not only invited yourself into their movement, but also victimized yourself as martyrs by revising history to incorporate yourselves into their communities and their history. How exactly are you any different than the TRA's?

Maybe the AGP truly are women since they perfectly capture your narcissism and imitate it perfectly. I guess staring at a mirror is what enrages your type.

And what mod work did she do besides censor every single gay and lesbian person that didnt clap like seals for her stupidity? So not only were you irredeemable pieces of shit, but you want people to celebrate you being a piece of shit as hard work? lol Again, you make a perfect case for AGP's being a perfect imitation of the psychology of non homosexual women.

So gays are "MisOgyNisTs" for leaving that sub. Lesbians are...what? How's that work into your victimhood narrative? What's left now? A bunch of bi women with no Gays or Lesbians to latch on to to appropriate their issues and exploit them for their silly project of "men bad"?

Enjoy that shit show on ovarit and gender critical, where their very presence delegitimizes criticism of trans ideology. One side was concerned and sympathetic towards children experiencing gender dysphoria because of gender ideology (gays and lesbians). The other side seriously thought lying and calling everyone a rapist and pedophile was an effective strategy because apparently you think calling people "miSoGynIsts" would be so devastating to their movement. And now we're associated with you. Thank you for that. Even your own people, straight and bi-het women, roll their eyes at you.

Every.Single.Piece.Of.Criticism you have made was wrong since your worldview insisted on centering women as the primary victims. That was the nature of your rhetoric. That was it. You saw a problem and were never looking for a solution to end transexualism. You just wanted to prioritize yourself as the primary victim of it.

So all your rhetoric was built around pretending to be victims of AGP men and how trans ideology is about men trying to rape you. And it broke down since the majority of transitioners were straight women who fetishize gay men.

[–]jet199Instigatrix 8 insightful - 4 fun8 insightful - 3 fun9 insightful - 4 fun -  (2 children)

I literally don't ever use that sub, genius.

And you only went and posted and essay of nonsense pulled from your arse, hilarious.

You made my day.

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“Hilllarious!” Of course you don’t. You’re different. You’re unique. You just happen to have all the same exact flaws as them judging by the nature of your comments.

Or maybe you’re the one to save all of them with your unique personality that’s absolutely different from every single one of them.

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Thank you for expending the emotional energy and internet bandwidth to slap the stupid out of the psychotic handmaiden.