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Don't anger the Rockefellers or they will shut you down like anyone else thinking of using steam. Buy gasoline at Seven Bucks per gallon but water is a bit less. .

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Don't anger the Rockefellers or they will shut you down like anyone else thinking of using steam. Buy gasoline at Seven Bucks per gallon but water is a bit less. .

I mean, I hate to be a skeptic about a Rockefeller conspiracy...but with some back of the napkin math, this doesnt seem to add up. The issue isnt the water, its the wood/coal or other fuel that you have to burn to heat the water to create the steam. Water has an EXTREMELY high specific heat capacity (which is why we use it as engine coolant, the other part is jsut antifreeze and keeps the lines from rusting which pure water will do), and this is not an efficient energy process.

Steam IS used in power generation, just not how most people think. The natural gas burning engines that the power plants use create a bunch of waste heat like any engine, and they trap this heat and use it to make steam to increase the thermal efficiency from the base Carnot cycle (this would be too large and heavy to fit on a car), but a pure steam engine doesn't seem like it can possibly be an efficient or realistic modern transportation solution. Unless you know something I don't, this doesn't seem likely to be a conspiracy.

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Almost all large scale fueled power (electric, not force) generation uses steam. Wood, coal, oil, gas, nuclear, its all steam power. Combustion power is generally reserved for force power, such as motion. While it can be converted to electricity, it is generally not that efficient in comparison.

In the grand globalist situation, you are almost right. Steam efficiency increases with scale. You would think a steam car would not be worth it, despite the fact they exist and have existed for a long time. Further, you can get more out of steam cars by doing steam-electric cars. The same range as regular electric cars, but without the need to pay for fuel from the grid. It's all a means of control. Use their preferred resource or you don't get to participate. Look at petrol prices. Too late to think about steam cars, you already own a petrol car. Now you gotta get an electric car. Then when they decide to shut the power grid down on you, you can't do a thing.

That being said, a full steam engine vehicle, even without an electric element, needs less globalist industry. If you are less concerned with speed, you can grow your own fuel.

Its more about independence and reliability.

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That being said, a full steam engine vehicle, even without an electric element, needs less globalist industry. If you are less concerned with speed, you can grow your own fuel.

Its more about independence and reliability.

I gotta admit you make some really good points, that is an angle I had not considered.

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I came from backwards farm folk, to industrial mega tard and Im going back to farm folk. Nothing in the modern world can exist without globalism. And globalism holds every one's lives at gun point. Do it our way, or you die.

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Interesting thing to bring up, as there was info going around a little while ago claiming they invented the term. Which they didn't. So a whole bunch of pussy web sites went around "FAT FUCKING" I mean "FACT CHECKING" it saying its false. But, they fail to touch on the fact that these people invented the notion that the resource was limited for the purposes of increasing its value. Of course, it's all rubbish.

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Good but I think there is still a possibility that it's true or was at one time. Anyway, steam might come back in fashion since gasoline might be reaching ten dollars a gallon. Your prose is rather prolix. 🤦‍♂️ Are you a grad student?

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I have been trying to get into steam, I have steam engineer friends and done a lot of research, but no money and space for it at the moment. Also got caught up in having to save all my income for the time I was forced out of the workforce by our government (because I wont take experimental injections), which is where I am now.

There is some evidence you can use a judge a person, language and choice or words is one. But without additional info you will be way way off track. The idea that I would put myself in a modern constructed education institution, in the west, is offensive.

If you are afraid of too many words, perhaps twitter is your preferred site.

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I'm not worried because I'm not trying to build any equipment. Do you think there are still agents looking for people experimenting with gasoline alternatives? I have heard stories/rumors. Good luck to you.

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In Australia, we can't even own a boiler without a license. I kid you not. I spent a bit of time with the small steam trains and even the tiny ones need a certificate from an official inspector to say they are safe. Although, the tiny ones can be used at home without a certificate, but if you take it out in public you need one.

Ive been stocking up on a few bits of solar gear as lots of second hand stuff comes up. I can run my mobile devices, laptop and charge batteries on solar. For the most part, its not a great saving point, but it helps.

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That is something I've never heard of and it sure is suspicious. Why would the government bother to make such a law? Maybe b/c of the explosion danger they don't want just anybody making boilers. I'm not really pushing the Rockefeller angle but there sure are lots of rumors that have been going on for a long time. I see that below, HongKongPhooey gives his take and he sounds like an engineer, something I am not.

Prepper stuff: if you look at this site their sponsor, that you cannot miss if you go there, makes a generator called Inergy that is one that I really want, just in case. It's not cheap but the company is highly recommended. I won't describe it's features right here because you can just click on the ad.The company does some work for the US gov. I use the program as a sleep aid and commercials for the generator are built-in on the show. I have never looked at the price but I expect it's around US $1500.

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I didnt see his post. Ill go reply to it.

As for your generator, I would hardly call it a generator. It's just a fancy compact solar battery system. I will admit, it is fancy and compact and looks like a good all in one package, but other than storage expansion, you can not modify it. This is the sort of thing you get in offroad vehicles, caravans and boats. I will be building a system similar to this in a shed at some stage. The steam generator was for longevity. Solar panels and batteries require replacement.

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Yes, you're right. It's a storage device. You can stack them up to 90+ working in parallel. That sounds like enough power for a small village. You sound like you're really into prepping.

Hong Kong sounds like he knows quite a lot about engineering. — So you like Anman do you?

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I am a massive prepper, but I am anti government and modern society first. Being a prepper is a side effect of wanting to be independent. If you rely on others to provide basic life requirements, when those people fail you (and they will), you will suffer because you were unprepared.

Anman is a nick name that was given to me, before any of us actually knew what it was.

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The nazis fueled their vehicles with wood later in WW2. With a wood carburetor. Because of the sea-blockade of the incest-ridden Britons.

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Ive watched a tonne of videos on wood gas. What I find weird is how almost all of them are personal projects. As if, someone isn't going to let anyone capatalise on it.

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Of course. This is the same as the first car from Mister Benz. Guess what: It was electric.

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The time to capatalise on electric cars has come. He was ahead of his time. A visionary. He's dead.

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The problem Mr. Musk has is though that he is so fucking greedy that he only sells bs. Lies basically. The "principle hope" with a price tag.

Because he can't code (look at Tesla defect ssd because of a daemon they couldn't get under control), he can't be fair (look at how he treats his employees), he is a hippocrite (look at how he impregnated Grimes) and he has the wrong concept of the relation between power and responsibility (look at all the bs he is pulling with twitter, e.g.).

His problem is his inner emptiness. That is why any satisfaction he can feel only can come from the outside and he actually collects money to "force" being a person he simply ain't.

This problem actually is simple and he shares it with a lot of psychopaths and assholes. Basically with all his fake-ass "friends" (hippocrites) smart people, i call these guys, what they actually are:

paypal-mafia. Because these mofos turned our internet into a fucking shopping mall.

See: There is a difference between an actual value and a price tag.

Which already is a lie the moment it is printed. Just for itself.

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Musks history = fraud. No question there.

However I take offence to the psychopath part. Psychopaths have an important role to play in society and just like anyone else, they come in different forms and are fully capable of learning right from wrong. The best anti islam youtube guy is a diagnosed psychopath who learned from his mistakes. Anyway, i take offence because I adopt many psychopathic tendencies to make my life easier. Actually, I'm not really offended. It's just rolls off the tongue to say so. Also I reckon on a subconscious level it makes people feel important to highlight they are offended. maybe.

The official numbers are something around 60% of the electric cars being tesla in Australia, but I see more of the other brands where I live and I am not in a major city.

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Yeah. We're possible more equal in this part than i'd like to admit. My therapist says i got a "brain 2.0" .

But i got some core values and concepts that keep me "sane". Also i'm an idealist because if i wanna make money, i just do it. There is absolutely no fear inside me. Which is a gift. So i developed a spine. That is why i got no shell that can break.

Trauma also never was a problem for me, obviously. And i'm vindictive. I can keep a grudge for a long time and then hit back when the respectlessness or "attack" that actually hit sme inside me is down the memory hole for the sheep that did it to me.

But since i almost perfected (actually converge to) compartmentalization and tactical behavior there is nothing to see here that can be hit inside me.

Sheeple attacking me personally mostly only hit thin air. And then i mirror their own defects. But i'm getting more reasonable with all the energy i still have.

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Sounds more like a perfected introversion to me. Which nothing wrong with it, I'm an introvert and can understand. I spend a lot of time talking about the differences with my extroverted associates and it sounds like they are easily more offended by everything by default, regardless if it is directed to them or not. There are positive reasons for this, but not relevant here.

But... Would you kill a man?

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Maybe. I'm also very flexible in applying ethical concepts. There is an old German proverb that goes like this:

"Laws are for people who cannot behave".

I live by a strict codex. And i don't like inconsistence and inconsequence as attributes or character traits anyway. So if it was personal and i had consistent and verified evidence... Yeah. Possibly i would.

This never occurred to me, because i never needed to actually think about it. Most people are numb enough to contradict or rebut themselves sooner or later, so i never "felt" the need to. It rather has been a question of patience for me so far.

But if i would do smth. like this, it of course would follow a strict plan. Not from impulse or emotions. So it definitely would be homicide not manslaughter. And i possibly would spend a lot of energy into the plan to secure multiple tactical options and make very sure, i wouldn't get caught.

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Very good, the logical introvert. However I do not believe you mean this:

I'm also very flexible in applying ethical concepts.

Sounds like your morals are grounded, thus any application of ethics is logical and/ors that lead to yes or no. I might be wrong, you could be talking out of your ass, true moral groundness can really only be found in predetermine rules, such as in the christian bible. But fanaticism to ideals, such as codes like bushido or a guild doctrine also can work.

Maybe, tiny chance, we could be friends. But there are no friends on the internet.

Further food. When someone says something that contradicts your morals, you might say "I would rather die than follow" that. But would you say "I would rather kill than follow that".

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These assholes need to pull over and not pass on blind corners

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When you move at the speed of steam clouds, you have plenty of time before the corner.