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This would definitely explain why USA is going to hard to defeat the Russian special military operation.

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I hope they get Dr. Fauci. I’d love to watch him hung by Russians.

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Russian Ministry of Defense dropped a THERMONUCLEAR BOMB... shell of a statement.

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Wtf is this? Putin already changed his mind several times: to prevent attack from Ukraine, to denazify Ukraine, to protect russian-speaking people, to prevent using bio-mega-giga-weapon labs. Complete bullshit.

Guys from the "West", learn russian or use google-translate to read the russian sources.

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wow bby you gotta get off the CNN crack pipe. All of the above were reasons to support the Special Military Operation, and they were all presented at bascially the same time.

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Haha, I'm from Russia. You're guys look so stupid in this attempt to be "anti gov", while you're ready to support everything gov doesn't like.

Nope, these "reasons" were not presented at the same time. They already left "denazify" mantra behind, because russians don't understand what does it mean and hardly to pronounce it.

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ok thanks for your concern troll

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First three were presented relatively around the same time. Bioweapon prevention was only presented after they found bioweapon labs. It's not rocket science dude.

Operations can be multi-lateral, like when the US was in Afghanistan, they had multiple reasons for being there.

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Nope, they changed it from time to time. Right now it's... I dunno, the didn't proposed anything. Soldiers didn't knew that they were going to actual war. "They told us it will be military training". They even use сompulsory conscripted boys (that being killed too, while they cannot be drafted for real battlefield). later their families got... nothing. Why? "Your son wasn't at war (because it's not a war), he's not vet, he died because of accident, here's your $1000, fuck off". Need examples? I'll give you some.