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It would depend on how much, I would probably just quit the internet though. They can pay you up to $1 million for a single book. See Joe McGinniss:

He would be paid to write fake stories obscuring the truth, including the Jeffrey MacDonald case (a military doctor) where members of a Satanic cult operating in a pizza shop in a military base murdered MacDonald's family and framed him for it (MacDonald is still in prison).

Another book he wrote was "The Last Brother: The Rise and Fall of Teddy Kennedy":

McGinniss concludes that the Kennedys are all-American frauds

Looks like a shill to me.

He was paid $1 M in advance to write about the OJ Simpson case. Looks like his morals caught up to him because he rejected the payment, claiming the OJ Simpson case was a farce. He went on to write non-political books for a decade.

In his later years, as his career waned, McGinniss struggled with alcoholism and depression.

Seems like guilty conscience.

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How much does the Chinese government pay you?