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Nothing is a good investment right now.

The stock market is about to crash because the fed is going to raise rates a ton to try and curb inflation. And the only thing propping the stock market up is all the free fed money they've had at 0% since 2009.

Gold is a manipulated market, especially paper gold (there's way more paper gold than actual gold and they print more easily).

Real estate, especially housing, is in a huge bubble for the same reason as the stock market. Fed handing out free money to mega-corps who bought up everything in sight to prepare for the problems about to happen.

Cash is a bad investment. Inflation is going crazy, because of all the money they printed. Especially if the petrodollar ends (which is beginning with the Russian shifting to trade oil in rubles because of Ukraine thing). So if you leave money sitting in an account it might be worth half as much 2 years from now.

Seems like goods are a decent investment as supply chains are having problems. If you've wanted to buy something, do it now. It's not going to get cheaper. Having goods when goods are unavailable is a strength. Same with food, store some extra food. Do not rely on these supply chains that are so fragile.

Crypto is a bad investment right now for the same reason as stocks. Too much institutional money, and outflows look likely. The idea crypto is a hedge against the stock market is increasingly false, they will crash together.

It's tough right now. Physical gold and silver might be okay. Land might be okay (although it's suffering from the same inflation as real estate). Holding real estate is probably a good idea, but buying right now is probably a bad idea because the bubble is at a peak.

Just ensure you have the things you would need if the supply chains stopped working for several months, I think that's probably the best investment you could make right now. Invest in to self-sufficiency.

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I agree with everything you've said except for the real estate bubble. There is still a housing shortage. While I see a correction within a year or two, I don't think it's as bad as the bubble of the mid 2000's. When the investment groups decide to move their assets away from real estate and into something else, I think you'll see more of a correction. Rising interest rates will help home prices some, but rent will still be high for now. Plus, with inflation, the cost of homes, like everything else, is just going to be more expensive form now on.

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There is only a shortage because blackrock and vanguard are buying up everything at 10% over market values. Which is only happening because of all the free money they get from the fed at 0%. Which is now ending. So Real Estate will lag behind the stock market, but it will crash after the stock market just like in 2008, and for basically the same reason. As soon as blackrock and vanguard stop buying and start selling, there will be a massive housing crash.

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Thinking about investing? Consider investing in your own corporate-free, community

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Investing is pointless it's literally gambling. I choose to invest in myself and buy books to increase my knowledge.

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High risk, I like it.

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I like gambling, yabbles.

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I moved a bunch of my crypto funds to paper gold as well. I still kept funds for jumping in and out of BTC and Monero though when I feel like gambling. For many of the reasons you mentioned I won't touch any of the ETH stuff or the altcoins unless it is a privacy coin.

I have also been looking at trying to find a good way to invest in some of this new hydrogen technology, but am still learning about that market. Kicking myself for dropping the ball on that WEAT stuff, you guys gave me the hot tip, but I didn't get around to capitalizing on that quick enough.

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I'm still in corn, wheat, and energy. These problems aren't going away any time soon. More people, less food production... Food is already goddamned unaffordable. I always used to say Vegan was priming the masses for not being able to afford high quality protein anymore.

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So far this tax year I've put my money in a few of these ethical investments.

And gamestop

I'm not investing that much at the moment because I want a holiday and a few months off work.

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Oh man you're into ethical investments and here I trying to profit off the war economy.

And gamestop

I own 1 share, just in case. I.. never liked GameStop. Never went there. The memestock I like and still hold is AMC. I like movies, I think you can relate lol.

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Principal on my mortgage.