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Hoo boy, questions only an antisemite can answer. My time has come.

How tf are we able to use sounds from our mouths to go from chucking rocks at each other to building skyscrapers and space stations?

Human brains are (((Turing)))-Complete. That means we can technically run any program in existence. The pressures of Evolution and Natural Selection would hence select for humans who can 1). subvert goyim better, which includes 2). being stupidly good at basic logical frameworks, such as Math and Philosophy (also known as Hypnosis that later actually became useful).

We're able to create all these insane mods and science that has lifted us to the status of gods and yet we just take it in everyday as if it is normal.

We are able to develop this level of intelligence because the predator of a human is always some form of proto-kike (i.e. some other guy). Given our lack of other natural predators, an IQ race between humans and kikes ensued, because IQ both affects your ability to subvert goyim and resist subversion.

even thinking about how many complicated social and technological steps had to go exactly right to make that transaction possible.

Social and technological steps are easy to derive. Just read Marx's Das Kapital and all the other works about Historical Materialism. Humans have big brains from fighting kikes for so long, kikes have bigger brains from subverting goyim for so long. Given that the brain is Turing-complete we can derive basically everything from there.

The real leap is from retard animal to human, which I presume involves the aforementioned Human-Kike Host-Parasite Co-Evolution thingy.

The nature of the Proto-Kike, derived from "Kike" i.e. the most famous example, Azhkenazius Jewus, is one where he goes into a society and subverts it for his own gain. They are occasionally called "bourgeoisie", sometimes "Manchu bannermen", sometimes "Hashemites", sometimes "Brahmin", and sometimes "His Royal Highness who Ruled X European Country for the Past 1000000000 years". While they are not Azhkenazim proper, they essentially arrived in the same niche via. convergent evolution.

There's a lot more to it, for instance why humans seek hypnosis and stuff like that.

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Once upon a time people weren't morons.

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Just a twenty or so thousand years of history you're missing out there.