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Funniest part is that the clueless people that love this monetary slavery system call the rest of us commies LOL

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I don't know why they blamed us for everything. We clearly said "Make the Jew Impossible", but they didn't listen to us and instead staffed their Congress with Kikes. Yet they have the gall to blame us? How are we, a Revolutionary force who seek to make the Jew impossible, responsible for the current Kike Tranny infestation in Congress?

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At this point I think the moral bankruptcy is what led us to the biggest scam in the history of human kind.. Crooks like Pelosi, the groomer and the rest are going to find ways to screw the citizens regardless of what's the current system.. We all agree that we can have successful civilizations based on any financial system as long as the intentions are good.

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It's far worse in any communist country.

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No. Communist countries are run by STEM graduates while Kiked nations are run by faggots who took LGBTQIAFAGGOT studies.

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Jews seem to be quite prevalent at the start of all of these commie revolutions. Why are you studying that alphabet shite?

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Yet the commie revolutions which actually didn't fall, had comparatively lower Jewish influence which reduces as time goes by.

Did you know that Mao rejected the application for 6 gorillion kikes to immigrate to the PRC? Look up "Jakob Rosenfeld". Mao said "NO IMMIGRATION" then after his death Mao gaslit Pissrael by using Jakob Rosenfeld to claim "good relationships" between PRC and kikes, hence making kikes give the PRC free stuff to "avoid antisemitism blah blah blah Plan B stuff". Based Mao, using kikes to his own advantage and discarding them like toilet paper.

I only support surviving communist states. I agree the Soviet Union is a kiked shithole, despite Stalin's best efforts.

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You sound jealous.

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If I lived in the JEW-S-A I would be jealous of the PRC.

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Why is the right wing response to any critique of America's economy always "communism is worse"? If your friend had cancer would you tell them AIDS is worse? The conversation isn't even about communism, nor was communism stated as a proposed solution to this problem.

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Probably because communism is much worse.

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No shit, you're missing the point. The original post had nothing to do with communism. It was a critique of credit scores in America. OP didn't say, "let's switch to communism instead."

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No, the point is clowns like you have no solutions. You only can criticize. There are solutions like co-determinism but not surprisingly leftist activists never "activate" about that. They're too busy de funding police and promoting child sex grooming. You know, the important stuff for the left.

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The government doesn't issue credit scores. You're lumping people and things together here in a fallacious way.

In fact, this is the basic fallacy exhibited by so many of the arguments that people who talk about "late stage capitalism" make. It's the broad-brushed categorization of everyone into 1) the exploited (i.e. everyone you perceive your audience to be) and 2) the exploitative, which is an ill-specified monolith of pure evil.

That's just not how the economy or life as a whole works. If it were we'd just kill or imprison the bad guys and live in utopia.

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As other users have also pointed out...

We must remember credit scores are maintained and managed by three large private companies who have repeatedly breached your private information and continuously cause harm to many through their constant reckless mistakes.