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Sorry Muskrat - but in the context of our discussions of why Reddit mods think you spread misinformation - this is a good example. your comment is known as presentism, whereby the present interpretation of the long history of Mali, and the approaches of French Sudan, can somehow be summarized as a French improvement on a savage culture. This is a common misconception about colonialism, albeit corrected during the 20th century. It's ahistorical and certainly false: that the cultures pre-dating French Sudan were improved by colonization. This portion of West Africa was among the wealthiest and prosperous cultures in the world, responsible for substantial contributions to international trade in the early modern era. Sorry to argue with you, but this is a good example, if I were to pick one. Mods of a worldnews or Mali subreddit would note that the colonial assumption is false. You could counter with the so-called 'rise of the West' argument, noting that the French brought stability and technology to West Africa in 1892. But - as with other colonies - the removal of their wealth and resources was not repaid with anything remotely comparable.

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    They did indeed utilize the wealth of their land, as one of the wealthiest regions in the world for hundreds of years.

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      Yeah? (((Foreigners))) are running Europe for Europe's most successful periods. Jews not only basically ran Imperialism, but they literally created most of the inventions you enjoy today, including that kike Haber and his Ammonia duping technique which literally feeds you. Germany itself was both the most Jew-infested nation and the most famous for its technological advancement. Even the Catholic Church pretty much exists for the sole purpose of preventing Europe from committing full kike genocide from the years 500-1500. Jews with any amount of blood purity essentially don't exist outside of Christian and Islamic nations.

      Does it change a thing? No. Jews are still evil to the core and deserves nothing more to be purged. The kike Haber himself wanted to gas the entire world with Zyklon-B in some "German-Nation Supremacist" bullshit. It is only right for him and his disgusting race to die at the hands of (((his))) own invention.

      Same with your (((foreigners)))

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      Every other reply to this comment came from a Labor Aristocrat, who, like the Kike, demeans their victims by calling them "subhuman" and completely misrepresenting their history. This is proof that White Supremacists and Kikes are fundamentally the same kind of creature, calling their victims "Subhuman Apes" and "Goy Cattle" respectively. The similarities between them are so striking that it would honestly be accurate to say that they are one and the same, only that the Kikes are superior in every regard as compared to the White Supremacist.

      Also, Hitler wasn't a White Supremacist. He was a Proud Civilization Supremacist.

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      None of this appears to be related to my comment, though we could perhaps agree that the designation of south hemisphere people as subhuman has been a major part of the problem in 'Western' engagement with the southern hemisphere.

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      What are you, a faggot?

      Imagine thinking that the West, a bunch of literal Imperialist scum, will ever have "constructive engagement" with the Southern Hemisphere. Imperialism is basically the same thing as Jewish Tricks: denigrate and exploit, extract, loot, and parasitically devour everything. Eventually, however, if a strong enough Anti-Imperialist force arises, the Imperialist, like the Kike, can no longer expand into new markets and must now use every trick in the book to secure a smaller and smaller pie for themselves. This is called "Imperialism devouring itself" (read Lenin), or Fascism (according to the Aime Cesaire definition a.k.a the only good one).

      The west's failure to engage with the Southern Hemisphere is fundamentally the same as the bloodsucking kike's inability to engage with antisemitic powers like Pakistan. They fail because the Global South fundamentally understands that Imperialists and Jews are evil fascists. Hence, the Global South will turn to the only Anti-Imperialist power: the PRC, who they know are the only people who they can actually trust.

      The Goyim (Global South) Know. No amount of "Shutting it down" will change any of that.

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      You're projecting word salads of extreme right weing phrases, as if you're an NPC, parroting what you're read in communities. win. It makss no sense to rattle on about generalizations, insults, ethnicities, statecraft, and long periods of history, as if you've been able to connect these general subjects, but while not providing any evidence, and certainly not poausible arguments.

      And what's wrong with faggots?

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      Read some fucking theory, libtard. Start with Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism.

      The mere fact that you think I am describing the "extreme right-wing", when I am essentially paraphrasing Lenin and J. Sakai, is PROOF that Marxism-Leninism essentially sprang from Antisemitism and cannot be separated from its Antisemitic roots. So-called "Red Fascism" must hence be the only valid form of Marxism-Leninism.

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      Seems you've not understood what you've read. For the bits that you might understand, do be specific. If we're discussing Marx and statecrft, we have to consider the substantial contributions of Engels, and the political difficulties Marx faced on the left and on the right. He was of course Jewish, but also had difficulties with Jewish responses against him. For that issue, hopefully you've read his, On the Jewish Question. For a general overview of his approachds to Jews, read: Regarding Lenin (decades later) read about that very different subject elsewhere. The foundations of Italian Fascism (and thus German Fascism) were also - arguably - Jewish. Much of what you want to know developed in Vienna during 1890-1910.

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      Imagine quoting a second-hand account most likely written by kike puppets. Might as well quote that Money-Worshiping Huckster (((Rosa Luxemburg))) of the Chimerical Nationality of the Merchant, and of the Polish Backstabbing Bitch of Money as well. THE JEWISH-NIGGER LASSALLE...

      First rule of being an antisemite, never trust a kike talking about another individual's antisemitism. Second rule of being an anti-Imperialist, never trust the Imperial Core when they talk about the Global South.

      He was of course Jewish

      So was Bobby Fischer, also known as /pol/'s /ourkike/

      The foundations of Italian Fascism (and thus German Fascism)

      Hitler was a National Socialist - not "fascist". I can't remember my source (somewhere in /pol/) but Hitler hated Fascists for several reasons. Hitler also made the kikes sell him the rope he would use to hang kikes and kike imperialism, which is most likely the real reason the entirety of Europe, which has returned to Judaism and became Jews, hates him.

      hopefully you've read his, On the Jewish Question.

      I've read it over and over again. Great essay. Disses Bruno Bauer the Kike-on-a-Stick Worshiper and also beats the crap out of kikes, and those who adopted the characteristics of the worldly kike.

      If you read it literally the world would suddenly make a lot more sense too. The world is more divided between Jew-Goyim and Imperialist-Anti Imperialist than it is divided between Proletariat-Bourgeoisie. Alliances with the National Bourgeoisie is acceptable - which is why CPC succeeded. Alliances with the Labor Aristocracy and the Kikes is not- which is why CPI failed.

      Regarding Lenin (decades later) read about that very different subject elsewhere.

      There's a very specific reason why I quoted Lenin and J. Sakai specifically. Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism, along with Zur Judenfrage and Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat pretty much exists for the sole reason of shitting on the Western Leftie (especially the Jew Shill/Rootless Cosmopolitan). In fact, I would consider both Lenin's and J. Sakai's works to be sequels to Zur Judenfrage. Every other work is of comparatively less importance as you can learn the bulk of it from Communist Party webpages and listening to tankies talk.

      Lenin's concept of Labor Aristocracy is the most important, most useful, and also the most under attack by the Kikes and their puppets precisely because it effectively condemns all kikes and kike puppets. The reason why the Soviet Union fell is hence simply because Russia, the Imperialist power against Siberia, would too attack the concept of the Labor Aristocracy and hence dismantle all sanity within Soviet ideology and leadership. The PRC, on the other hand, immediately eradicated and oppressed all Labor Aristocrats within China and hence don't have to deal with that shit.

      Any working form of Marxism-Leninism must be inherently anti-Cosmopolitan, anti-Imperialist, and anti-Labor Aristocrat. China, Vietnam, Laos, and North Korea is all three. The USSR is only 2 of the 3, lacking opposition to the Labor Aristocracy. The CPUSA is none of the three, because anti-Cosmopolitanism is anti-Semitism and being anti-Labor Aristocrat is being anti-European.

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      Thanks for the info.

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      If you aren't already an antisemite I would suggest Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat to be the first theory you read. It's basically Marxist Antisemitism (i.e. antisemitism from a Zur Judenfrage viewpoint)

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      I read through Mali's history on Wikipedia. It's all war and conflict with slavery, besides the period of the French.

      your comment is known as presentism

      A summary of a Wikipedia article is called a presentism. TIL.

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      You can't use $2 words to negate my lived experience of having read an article and come to the obvious conclusion. I get it's not politically correct, but these people do seem to be savage when left to their own devices. I'm pretty sure the wealthiest group of blacks in general are descendants of former US slaves. Seems more desirable to be in the US with ancestral slavery than have been left behind in Africa, still with ancestral slavery.

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      You can't use $2 words

      The most Texan thing I've heard today

      The situation in Mali cannot be explained through your experiences. History is not supposed to be a self-affirming exercise. It's a study of things as they were, and as much as possible, from their perspectives:

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      I don't buy into any of that ethnocentric bias bullshit. That's liberal excuses. And I identify as an expert so you are being transphobic by not respecting my self-identification.

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      Very funny

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      This is very serious, sir. I will not tolerate bigotry. You have 1 strike for hate speech.

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      I am very sorry - perhaps you are trans-cat? My apologies, I didn't know.

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      Did you just assume my species!!!!??? YOU ARE LITERALLY HITLER.


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      Seems more desirable to be in the US with ancestral slavery than have been left behind in Africa, still with ancestral slavery.

      African-Americans are the most cucked, kiked, and subverted of African peoples.

      To put it in context, to some, Gun Rights is savagery. To others, basedness. They are one and the same - basedness is simply civilized savagery.

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      Literally all history can be accused of being this. It is a completely subjective, unscientific, pseudointelectual claim used to argue in bad faith.

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      The bullshit is you trying to justify reddits tyrannical control of speech and narrative by way of selective enforcement of rules, dishonest and biased application of labels and other bad faith arguments.

      If the concept of presentism were to be applied universally then all claims about historical oppression, colonization, racism, and just about all leftist historical claims would be labeled misinformation.

      By the logic of this pseudo intellectual claim one can not claim that racism was wrong if it was not considered wrong at the time.

      Conveniently for the bozos using it to attack others this term is not applied universally. Proving, however, that no one believes it is a legitimate argument. It is simply used selectively as a bad faith argument.

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      It is time someone mentions Henry Ford's belief that: "History is bunk."

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      Or my own contention that television did more to destroy unique cultures in one generation than colonialism did in 250 years.

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      You're literally doubling-down on bulshit comments with an explanation of bullshit comments, for reasons I cannot understand. For example, there's nothing pseud-intellectual about History 101. It's just the information that we can read about the past. It doen't require intelligence, as it's mainly knowledge. I'm not sure how to respond to the rest of this word salad. I'm merely discussing history.

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      this crapped out website(saidit) has absolutely no game now that twitter is up and running and the lgbt mafia has been put out of commission.

      socks, you look so funny locking yourself into a chatroom, screening people for that stupid chat that has less than ten active users.

      saidit is a fucking asstard.

      and all of this transgender crap getting pushed onto children bullshit is almost yesterdays news.

      watch this idiot on twitter trying to run for governor by catering to these idiot lgbt mafia weirdos.

      fuck the lgbt mafia.

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      the lgbt mafia is dead at twitter.

      no more having to listen to tranny crap agendas all day long.

      fuck the lgbt.

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      Socialists hate wealth until they can use it to make the west look bad.

      As it says in the text, Mali was the centre of slave trading, that wealth was not a good thing for the majority of people.

      It would also have been lost any way as soon a slavery was made illegal world wide.

      Unless you would like slavery to be re-established so Mali can be rich again?

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      Actual Socialists hate kikes (and their bootleg versions, like Imperialists), not wealth. The posers who you erroneously believe to be Socialists evidently do not hate kikes, and are hence mere hucksters.

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      The region now known as Mali traded slaves at a time with other nations traded slaves, and like other nations, could have changed their approaches. We need to understand the role of the exploitation of southeren hemisphere countries from the 16th century onward, in order to understand the social conditions in those regions before, during and after colonisation. To assume the very old - savages replaced by civilisation - colonial argument is obviously problematic, because there is no appropriate comparison between socio-political traditions of those southern hemisphere regions and the north hemisphere regions. Mining in those regions by colonists cost those regions much of their material wealth, without any reasonable return of wealth on what they lost.

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      Claims of "they took ar gold" are dubious at best. It is extremely unlikely that grass hut living foragers had the ability to mine gold.

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      Mali was trading with Europe via multiple camel caravan routes over a thousand years ago. The caravans carried gold and salt. Timbuktu was a center of Islamic learning and culture and it could be argued that Islam was ahead of Europe in those areas

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      Transitory gold that came from other lands to be traded in Mail is not Mali gold. It is the gold of merchants passing through and freely trading it. The claim then that this gold was taken from Malians is a total lie.

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      As the record shows, I made no such claim.

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      It is the central claim of the original post. It is literally the topic of the comment you replied to.

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      I'm pretty sure the ancient Egyptians got their gold from sub-Saharan Africa.

      So they have been giving their gold away for a very long time.

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      Muh colonialism

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      Peace breeds degeneracy. War roots out degeneracy. The reason why the US is so degenerate right now is because nobody conquered them.

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      By that logic, Africa and the Middle East would be really wholesome places.

      Stagnation breeds degeneracy. Hedonism. Sloth. Necessity will fix that, which can be from war, but I don't think usually is. WW2 was for the US, but we were the fresh reserves coming in to an old war to kick ass and reap the rewards. It was a particular advantageous maneuver.

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      War is also the only way to root out the Jew. Given their position on the map and their rich natural resources, they must have faced a lot of covetous kikes (and Imperialists, who are basically kikes with guns).

      The Jew can never be rooted out with "peace", or "systems". Kikes must be rooted out by Antisemitic struggle, to replace the Jewed state with an Antisemitic state.

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      Kikes must be rooted out by Antisemitic struggle, to replace the Jewed state with an Antisemitic state.

      How's that been working out for you?

      If I may make an observation, y'all keep failing to achieve your goal while the Jews are immensely successful. Why not copy what works and out Jew them?

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      How's that been working out for you?

      Very well, thank you very much

      y'all keep failing to achieve your goal

      An Antisemitic US is not my goal, and is about as absurd as a Marxist-Leninist US. The character of the US will forever be that of the Imperialist, which is inherently Kike-aligned and against Marxism-Leninism's principles, and hence an Antisemitic or Marxist-Leninist US is impossible.

      BONUS: Marxism sprang from Antisemitism. Successful applications of Marxism are effectively antisemitic.