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/u/weegspeegs and /u/usehername and /u/hongkongphooey and /u/beingpoisoned (/u/d3rr) and /u/jasoncarswell have formed an lgbt brigade that is hostile to any person that isnt "down" with their trans agenda.

following is an example of their behaviour as an organized brigade:

JasonCarswell weegspeegs, as much as you like chat, I recommend you ignore Edward and steer clear of chat for the next 5 hours.

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Op is Ed and this is also Ed for anyone not familiar with our in house serial killer/forex trader.

I have screen shots of Usher being super duper racist. Figure I'll hang on to those in case he decides on a career in politics. ;) But he didn't do anything wrong.

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/u/usehername bans anyone that disagrees with her "tranny" agenda. there was a video of a father that spoke to a school board, he objected to his children being taught in school how to use a strap-on dildo and the school material also discussed "tasting" other student's genitals.

when i replied that i would simply not allow my children to attend public schools, /u/usehername quickly banned me.

saidit pushes the same old tranny agenda bullshit that goes on at reddit.

saidit is no different than reddit, saidit only has a smaller community.

and now saidit has placed /u/usehername into the position of senior admin of this site.

saidit is a retard farm.

video: Father At School Board Meeting Reads Aloud The Pornographic “Filth” Available At His Kids’ School

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/u/americanmuskrat ,

alcoholics like you dont believe anything until it smacks them square in the head.

alcoholics have a difficult time connecting with reality, primarily because alcoholics are mentally defective and they never understand that issue.

btw, i love your sub, /s/cripplingalcoholism

great work, keep it up.

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Don't be mad, Eddy.

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why would i be mad that you are a dying alcoholic?

'tis no skin off my nose.

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We'll see whom outlives whomst.

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let me know.

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Dude it’s all they talk about. They ruin chat.