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And there's so many interpolations now that it doesn't even make sense, because the edits are interrupting constantly. It's become a word salad, and way lengthier than it used to be. Contradictions abound. All of Paul's letters are now far too long for the practices of his day. And many of these new insertions are things like:

34 Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. 35 If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.

And at one point I heard Jesus changed to saying to slay your enemies, but I think that one was reverted.

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The Christian religeon was subverted before it barely got started. Paul was no Christian, he was a Pharisees Jew and a liar. The Pharisees realized their efforts to stamp out Christianity by crucifying Jesus and persecuting his followers had failed so they changed tactics. Instead of fighting against the word of Christ, they should take control of it. So that is where Paul came in. He had the wealth to build churches and he could read and write. That was all it took to convince the uneducated masses that he knew better than they did so when he announced his story that the real reason Jesus died was to pay for their sins they swallowed it whole.

None of them were smart enough to see that was a lie to serve two purposes. Firstly it absolved the Pharisees and the Romans of the guilt and blame associated with the crucifixion. Secondly and probably more importantly to the Pharisees, it rendered everything Jesus had taught, irrelevent. It did what the crucifixion could not do. It shut Jesus up because now the Christians were being taught Jesus purpose was to die, whatever he had been saying was not important. Just believe he died for your sins and you will go to heaven so says Paul. Oh and you better believe that or else you will go to hell.


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Where did you learn this? And then what was the Christian religion about originally?

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Originally Christianity was about the teachings of Christ as recorded in the gospels of Mathew Mark Luke and John but if you listen to any of our supposed Christian leaders today, especially in the U.S. you will know they hardly ever mention anything from the Gospels.

As for where I learned it... It's all in the bible you just have to read it with your eyes open.

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They don't avoid the gospels because they like Paul better, they avoid the gospels because they think Jesus is a weak soyboy who's overly moral and too soft and too tolerant of sinners. They like "Paul" a lot because most of what is ascribed to him is forgeries from later scribes, as I mentioned before. The apostles weren't viewed as sacred until considerably later, so early scribes were free to make editorial revisions, inserting all kinds of ridiculous orthodox doctrines that churches love, even though many of them are downright evil and make Christians look awful.

The way they skirt around this problem is with the sola scriptura excuse: Jesus is only a small part of a canon that totally wasn't thrown together by Rome in 382 AD, so he can safely be ignored in comparison to everything else. And nothing in any of these books can be questioned (which basically means they can tell you whatever they want you to believe because it contradicts itself so much they can pick anything they want out of it).

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The real Paul's main mission was to allow for gentile inclusion. That's basically it. In no way does he ever claim that what Jesus taught doesn't matter, the reason he doesn't ever quote him is because when he was still alive nothing had been written down yet that he could quote from.

What Pharisees and the proto-Orthodox church made him say by editing his letters may be a different story. In fact if you're calling him a Pharisee, the "Judaizing" parts were added last, and someone named Marcion had an earlier version. But even still, most of the opposition to Jesus in Christendom today is justified by calling him "too weak" and "tolerant of sin" rather than anything Paul said.

I don't see how Paul absolves the Pharisees and Romans of guilt from the crucifixion either.

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I don't see how Paul absolves the Pharisees and Romans of guilt from the crucifixion either.

"He died to pay back man's debt to God for original sin."

That narrative, invented by Paul, absolves everyone involved because it says God did it. It says it was God's plan that his own son should die in a blood sacrifice to pay man's debt to God therefore if everyone involved in the crucifixion was part of Gods plan, how can they carry any guilt?

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"He died to pay back man's debt to God for original sin."

That narrative, invented by Paul

Woah back off right there. "Original sin" I think was invented by celebrity pastors in recent times, not Paul. Secondly there are many different perspectives on Paul's "ransom" belief, including that it was made to demonic rulers of this world so they lose control over us. But if there was no ransom at all, then the crucifixion was entirely in vain.

It says it was God's plan that his own son should die in a blood sacrifice to pay man's debt to God therefore if everyone involved in the crucifixion was part of Gods plan, how can they carry any guilt?

No, that's not at all how it was presented. The enemies thought they were killing Jesus when really they had been tricked into fulfilling his plan. Otherwise they would promote the idea of atonement, which they viciously oppose and persecute with the sword.

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I never said Paul invented original sin and it was not invented by pastors either. Original sin is described in Genesis 3.

What I said was, Paul invented the story that Jesus died to pay mans debt for that original sin.

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Original sin isn't mentioned in Genesis 3. Only the three characters who comitted sin. And in all likelihood four, because the "god" of this story acts more like a brainwashing devil who uses people as cattle and has zero mercy, did in fact lie about the fruit, and seems to think there is more than one god ("man has become like one of us). Which means he is not in fact THE God, but rather an entity that calls itself a god aka a demon or archon. Internal evidence shows that the name YHWH was inserted into this story later, because it awkwardly says "YHWH God" and the dialogue does not contain it. And if you think that's because they weren't supposed to say it, take a look at Genesis 4 where suddenly it does appear in the dialogue, and the text drops "God" at precisely the same time. Clearly the person who wrote chapter 4 redacted chapters 2-3 from an older version. Probably the same writer emphasizes the importance of clearly pagan rituals such as animal sacrifice (not as a symbol or act of devotion, but to create a "pleasing aroma") and is called out in Jeremiah 7-8, which is unfortunately purposely mistranslated in nearly all Bibles to conceal this. Actually the entire "Books of Moses" are forgeries authored by Josiah, the Israelite temple cult, the priesthood, the Judahite elites, Ezra the goy-slayer, and the Pharisees and Sadducees. No wonder there's such an immense difference in God's character compared to pretty much every other book of the Bible, aside from the "history" books written by the same person who wrote Deuteronomy.

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What?? Are you saying you need to see the actual words ”original sin" before you can understand that Genesis 3 describes the first sin? I mean seriously? What do you think is the significance of Genesis 3 otherwise?

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Where can we find out more details about the rewriting if the bible you're talking about? By who and where? And what is closely original then?

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Probably just caused by the buggy nature of this virtual reality we live in. Alterations by early scribes are far more worrying than a word changing to a synonym here and there.

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i agree about Mandela Effect changing bible. there is no way this was in the bible:

Luke 14:25-27

Now great crowds accompanied him, and he turned and said to them, “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.

[edit: removed confusing quote marks]

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It actually says esteem less than him, not hate. Almost every translation is very corrupt and there are a number of deliberate perversions present in nearly every single one of them.

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KJV is a plain text file with no IP rights associated. Do yourself a favor and read the right version and throw the others in the trash.

Christians will be gone when the antichrist shows up and everybody else who's left will think he's great some jews who convert to christianity at the time

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Which was made with 1200 years of manipulation by the Catholic Church.

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The KJV is based on far later and even more corrupt texts than modern versions. But even the best ones in the original languages are copies of copies of copies of copies of copies of copies of copies of copies of copies and are full of alterations and insertions by scribes, sometimes very lengthy sections that often preach evil (Jeremiah 8:8).

People usually cling too tightly to their texts, like the Pharisees, when they're being self-righteous and like to condemn others and control them with burdens of rules and threats for breaking them. And that's definitely all that's coming from most pulpits today. They don't even care, they just love to brag to the world about how much better they are than everyone else for following all the rules outwardly while being full of greed and hatred and lust for power. The Pharisees often did not understand Jesus because they were so unwilling to break their traditions or go the slightest bit beyond their scripture down to the letter. He wanted them to have common sense and morals. They emphasized blindly following "the law" much like modern Christianity emphasizes following "what the Bible says", and thus could not see the obvious because they refused to be open to it.

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tell me you've been brainwashed by the devil but use different words

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Jesus is how Satan tricked the world into believing he was good.

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How so?

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I agree that's why the system is failing with common sense being thrown out. Hence you cannot cross the border to Canada without going thru a bunch of shit and you cannot take much with you on your plane that used to be common sense. We have lost our way as society. I don't know how this system can sustain itself much longer before the other shoe drops.

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For years the Mandela Effect has been attacking the Bible, slowly transforming it so the false prophet and the antichrist can tell people that Christianity is a lie. I have been slowly observing these changes. For example the Bible now says the Jesus has done no capital crime, but earlier it was done no wrong.

what the fuck?... Is this the newest coping strategy of christcucks? Like, if you all actually read the bible to begin with, like jews or mudslime do with their books you might have more of a point, but as things are now I'm sure you're all just misremembering and convincing yourself your headcanon was part of the bible.

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The early scribes definitely made a lot more additions and changes now, to the point where much of it has turned into an incomprehensible word salad due to the sheer number of them. There's a lot of false doctrines that suddenly popped up a few years ago and almost every book is way longer than it used to be. Some famous passages are also missing, for example Paul never said "when in Rome I do as the Romans do" now. But early Christians' allusions to it and others like it still exist despite the retroactive disappearance.