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This looks nice, can you deliver it if I pay an extra 100?

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Piss off

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Hey, fuck you buddy

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number one, i am not your buddy.

number two, the limo is a bottom of the barrel piece of shit.

number three, you can wave your hundred bucks around at someone else, because i am not impressed.

number four, if you really want to buy a limo there are a million of them available on craigslist and ebay.

having said that, i really do like this make and model of limo.. i like that it is a stretch, but not a really long stretch.. it has the J seating but it is not overly long.. i would probably be prepared to have an entirely fresh rebuilt engine and transmission tossed into it and have the air conditioning system completely rebuilt and put some high end fresh rubber around it including the spare. dont forget to completely redo the window tinting. the champagne glasses can go in the trash, the bar will be converted into a computer workstation.

i would also probably want to spend about $10k on the sound system.. up front for the driver sound system should remain stock but working properly.