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TLDR: op is a closeted fag and he preferred the men from the 80's.

fact checked.

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I'm not closeted at all

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so what is your primary problem? just take my word for it that if i suggest that you are a strange dude that you are legit one strange dude.

so what is your primary malfunction?

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How could you possibly think i would care what some dumb internet cunt thinks. Fuck off you unimaginative idiot bitch.

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I think that "someone" has a slight vitamin D deficiency.

*vitamin Dick

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Take your boring suicidality somewhere else

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Your slip is showing.

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Democracy is a garbage system, I prefer conservative dictatorship. Everyone is celebrating early and saying it won't happen, but eventually democracy and feminism will cease to exists and I can't wait.

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When degeneracy is not punished, this is the result

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Let me offer an alternative theory.

Homosexuality is necessarily induced by environment, there is a lot of evidence for that. Obviously the environment has changed to push more boys into homosexuality during those critical early development years. That environment is what has changed the most. The question is why were there ever gay people before engeneered degeneracy.

The former causes of homosexuality were overwhelmingly early sexual abuse. There are several factors in that scenario that favor physically fit kids. Even pedophiles prefer kids who are objectively attractive. Sexual abuse was far more likely to take place in athletic environments like after school sports programs. That is where older kids would groom the younger ones. So it was overwhelmingly athletic boys being groomed into homosexuality.

So what has changed is that sexual grooming of minors has gone from individual interactions with pedophiles, with an inherent selection bias, to dragnet grooming of all children through media and schools.

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Great insights!