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I don't mean to offend you, it is a very generous offer. I think we probably understand addiction about the same, and that's not a slight on you. I have spent a considerable amount of time studying the matter.

Imo, NA is a better version than AA cause they do cooler drugs than booze, but also booze. All those 12 step programs have two fatal flaws, it brings addicts together, and those addicts talk about booze & drugs and all the shitty things they've ever done to get high. It's a real fucking downer.

You really just have to want it enough to suffer through the discomfort of wanting a drink, and that feeling gets less shitty over time. Also realizing that no, this time won't be different. There's tricks n shit that help, I find tea very helpful, I think it's because of the theanine. Hobbies. Stay the fuck away from other addicts. .... After you fuck the cute girl in group.

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You have many classic behaviors of an alcoholic.

You will probably drink for the remainder of your life

I , on the other hand, do not suffer from alcoholism.

Best wishes