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I think you should progress to posting BDSM stuff. Make sure that one of your alts is a popular one and maybe you can even infiltrate the inner circle.

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one of the most simple mistakes that traders make is that they try to use a moving average to predict future price movements.

it dont work that way.

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How will this help your trading?


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i get thrown out of trading forums because i dont want to share my software with others.

isnt that fucked up?

i do a lot of hard work to make my code.. i work hard to design my algo.. i aint giving it to some random stranger...

and then they basically stalk me to all of the other forums and they literally crap all over every thing i say.


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people literally go nuts over my software. i have literally been drugged with knockout drugs and had my software copied two times during this project.. one time, they did it to me in a muslim mosque.. men go criminal crazy when they think that you have software that is able to turn a 900% profit..

they drugged me in a mosque, in a small room where we were having some food, when i woke up the contents of my laptop bag had all been rearranged... my laptops were inserted into the bag differently than how i load my bag... and my power cables were not carefully coiled up with the velcro strap around them..

they drugged me and robbed me.

fkn puppets.

the funny thing was that when they drugged me in that mosque, the software they were after was on a hard drive that was in a rented storage locker about a couple of miles away and the only thing on those laptops was some experimental algebra that i was working on.

i realized from that day forward that my having converted to islam meant jack shit.

i was nothing but a puppet and a pawn for a bunch of sand niggers.

fkn bitches.

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Hmm. My family would beat me if I set foot in a mosque. And I would deserve it.

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in islam, it is ok to take girls of any age as sex slaves.

one of mohammad's wives was six years old.

so, its all cool.

here is some trivia for you: mohammad went on a murderous rampage where he killed hundreds of jewish people/men and he took several jewish ladies as his slaves... one of these jewish slaves poisoned him and that is how he died.

this is pretty much why muslims hate jews... they never quite got over that little issue.

hey... if you wanna see some kwazy muslims, /s/tawheed

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its really no problem.. i have four other simultaneously active accounts there now.