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I could use someone to explain options to me like I'm retarded.

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What are the winning lottery numbers for tomorrow?

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Is there life in the universe beyond Earth?

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is it true that women try to control mens with their genitals?

shoot straight with me, just tell me how it is.

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Men are attracted to women sexually, same for women, but most men are more sexually active that SOME women, but some women can be more sexually active than men.

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Men are attracted to women sexually,

yes, that is a true assessment, for the most part..

but some women can be more sexually active than men.

some females go way off the deep end.. i knew a really pretty girl, a russian girl, she was a stoned cold alcoholic, and she would go for sexual meetups with four to sex men at a time, this is what she told me... she told me that giving oral to a man was only so that she could get him ready to fuck her. she was all about the business, no playing around.

your move.

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Yes some women just go for the sexual actions others go for the money, but some try to actually find love. (or an open relationship) it is the same way with men

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for me, i just really want a couple of nice girls that have decent oral skills and they dont mind paying for dinner.

is that too much to ask?

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no not really

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Is Smoky Joe going to make an appearance today?

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How the fuck do people make money remote? I've tried all the stupid methods people suggest but they're all scams.

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i know a way for you to make money remotely.. first, you send to me one half of one bitcoin.. and then you sit around and slather some cooking grease all over and just fap fap fap.. you know, yank on your penis.. do that for about fourteen hours.. and then guess what you do next? go to the corner store and buy fifteen hundred powerball lottery tickets and you will win four hundred million dollars.

you can thank me later.