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Humanity has become retarded. They need to be executed for the good of the human gene pool. Anyone with brains will avoid the medical system and treat themselves.

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Yeh. I guess I'm shocked, dumbfounded, aghast, angry, you name it.

I've already known for sure the hospitals are just death camps, but tell people that and they look at you like you're looney.

Ultimately, when a 45 year old man called me and sobbed over the phone about he's gonna lose his dad and what can he do, I'm left feeling extremely sad. This is in top of the anger I already felt, as I said last week, when I couldn't get a Dr to prescribe monoclonals. If this is happening to me, the average person has no chance. There's nothing we can do. It's legal murder, literally. I don't know if it's intentional, but they're just as dead. It's heart wrenching.

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I have no connection with average people, thank God. I got hydroxychloroquine early, just in case, but my family never needed it, probably because we take vitamin D. I have told my wife that if I ever get seriously ill, to ship me to a Mexican hospital, but never under any conditions send me to an American hospital.

As for the motives of the elites, it varies. I am quite sure that Gates is a serious eugenicist, but most of the rest just want control. Having people obediantly go to their deaths is a pretty good indication of submission to authority.

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I'm glad you got treatment. And I wholeheartedly agree with what you said, it's truly un-American

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You need to find your local resistance groups and be active. Not everyone will participate in all ways and that's okay.

When this happens though you have the network that can mobilize and take action.

We protested outside a hospital. It took a while but made such a stink that they took proper care and finally released him 2 weeks later. We save Mike's life, according to him. I think there's truth in it.

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The timestamp when Dr. Robert Malone mentions it on JRE is at 1:00:49 mark at

Here is the transcript of this part: Joe: Now you just glossed over the financial incentive to report a Covid death. What is that? What is the financial incentive? Because there are all these rumors that you would hear about what a hospital gets paid per Covid death and that the government gives them money, and that they're incentivized to make something- mark it down-

They're not rumors. I don't have the specific numbers off the top of my head. I'm not a hospitalist or a hospital administrator. But, the numbers are quite large. They're something like a $3,000 death benefit to a hospital if it can be claimed to be Covid. There's a financial incentive to call somebody Covid positive. The CDC made the determination in year one. This is why all our baseline data is junk.

The hospitals receive a bonus from the government, I think it's like 3,000 bucks, if someone is hospitalized and able to be declared Covid positive. They also receive a bonus, I think the total is something like $30,000 of incentive, if somebody gets put on the vent. Then they get a bonus is someone is declared death with Covid.

The CDC made the determination that they were going to make a core assumption: if PCR positive and you die, that is "Death due to Covid". An extreme example just to show the absurdity: If a patient comes in with a bullet hole to the head, and they do a nose swap and come up PCR positive, they are determined to have died from Covid.

Joe: (in disbelief) But is that real?


For sure trauma and other things.

Joe: I've seen that said, but I've always thought that's ridiculous.

It's not a question of what the hospital would do, it's a question of med codes.

Joe: So it really is true, that if someone has a gunshot wound, and they're dying of that gunshot wound, and if you check them for Covid, and if they're Covid positive, and they die, then they're marked off as a Covid death.

That is by definition from the CDC. It was a decision that was made early on.

The data has been so thoroughly manipulated that it's hard for any of us to make sense of it.

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They're discriminating based on race, they're trying to let white people die by denying them access to the medicine and giving non-whites the monoclonals. it's a nationwide policy of the jewish, anti-white, Pig American system.

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Well act like an American and sue.

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this isn't new. they are doing it with cancer treatments .. clearly

but pretty much thru denial of reality have create an unhealthy system that promotes unhealth

held up by hollywood, media, every form of institutionalize bullshit.. they all hold it up

they hold it up by its trauma care, the ability to re-attach your arm .. or save you from a life threatening infection

these things are all true..

but the reality is they DO NO ACTUAL HELP YOU GET HEALTHY

they can't ..

they lie when they say they can heal you

you just wait for healing most of the time


get healthy by doing what healthy people do

exercise . eat right . meditate . practice de-stressing yourself .. NO JUDGEMENT .. be nice. love yourself .. love others

find health in righting your thoughts, taking care of your body, and eating foods that promote good health

the lie is that we let them convince us they could save us

save yourself

God will help, but you must ask

only then can you get help you want

there is nobody else that can help you

peace, love, joy


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a friend of mine, his father just got admitted to the hospital, they're going to execute him.

This is not helpful

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This is the truth. They're going to execute him. You can say it however you like to make your leftist mind feel better.

If he dies there, they will have executed him. They will have murdered him. For money, for a vaccine, for a political agenda, or for CDC guidelines, I don't care whatever the reason, they will have murdered him. The doctors, the administrators, the staff. They are murdering him, literally.

The president, stopping production of monoclonals, he was murdered by a democrat president, finger wagging about a vaccine that doesn't do anything but show red team/blue team and compliance.

These people are going to murder him. And people like you are worried about the pronunciation of tomato. Hail hydra.

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Why did he seek treatment for a cold in the first place?

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He's 45, so I bet his dad is over 70. I'm not sure he's in the best of health. Apparently his dad thought that was the place to go, he was having difficulty breathing.

He thought I was crazy when I paid 300$ for a telehealth appt and multiple prescriptions a couple of months ago.

I don't know what will happen to his dad. I know they want to put him on a ventilator, and his son is trying to prevent it, that's a death sentence. He probably could've stayed home, that unfortunately wasn't the choice he made. It's counterintuitive that the place supposed to help you are filled with staff making tik-tok videos while executing the elderly.

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We are almost 2 years into the bullshit now, so if you seek treatment for breathing difficulties arising from a cold in any circumstances other than that you are going to die in the next couple of hours if you don't, that constitutes voluntary euthanasia or a fatal dose of stupidity.

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I asked if he could get him ivermectin, but they've placed him in isolation/confinement, my friend told me that a hospital administrator was checking into his request for ivermectin

Is this real? Someone is really gonna let their dad die because they won't go to Tractor Supply Store and defy a nurse sqawking about isolation?

Never forget who pays whom, I don't know why people acted cowed by medical staff.

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However they can inflate that death toll to prolong lockdowns

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That is crazy to see. He should be allowed to take whatever medicine he wants to. I his doctor feels that that isn't the best course of action, he can advise his patient against it, but ultimately it should be up to the patient.

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Go get vaccinated people.

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    yeah but it does suck they can't get actual care that works

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      ventilator is no good, things like ivermectin would clear this minor cold up quick

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      Do you actually read posts before replying to them?

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      hold the L

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      You're right for the average person, but for the elderly, or people who have a condition like COPD this is a death sentence.

      And taking away treatment while finger wagging about getting the vaccine is akin to legal murder.

      I believe they're murdering people, all of them.

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      nah even they have a 99% chance of surviving, it's not a death sentence. If old and fat enough where you're about to die anyway yeah it is.

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      /u/Cornfed don't advocate violence.

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      I don't recall advocating violence.

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      I'm surprised nobody has gone John Q for monoclonals.

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      I am not. It's more of a possibility now that Joe Rogan has pushed the overton window about treatment in his window.

      But at the same time, that's how far gone the US is collectively is as a people. The people seek a ruler, and the majority has what they want, and they'll sacrifice whatever feeble elderly person they need to maintain the lie.

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      We need to figure out how to synthesize ivermectin on our own.

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      According to the FLCCC, black seed oil, can be a substitute if you can't get ivermectin. (Nigella sativa). You can still get on Amazon, for now at least.

      If you guys can't find a doctor, look up they have a 'treatment pack' for about 250 USD. It's expensive but it may keep you out of the death camps(hospitals).

      I can say ivermectin helped me get over it.

      I just can't believe this is happening. I'm so disgusted.

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      They could always not be fat and unhealthy. That doesn't require FDA approval. No hospital is going to treat people based on your silly politics.

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      Now do HIV please.

      Please tell me how you're limiting treatment for homosexuals who brought the disease upon themselves by having unnatural anal sex. Please tell me how you've stopped the cocktail treatments for the gay, I'll wait.

      Funny, it seems like the people refusing to treat others are the ones basing this on silly politics..

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      You're going to throw your back out grasping at those straws. Be careful.

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      Straws? You're the ones bringing bales of hay, talking about fat and unhealthy, as if the large majority of people killed from this aren't the elderly, the people you just seem to gloss over as if it's only the obese dying from it.

      Bring stupid arguments, get responses that mock your thought process.

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      I'm going to go ahead an assume you're fat so you're triggered. You guys are more sensitive than reddit. Nobody was talking about old people.

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      if you are at all surprised that our system of “health care” flat out murders people you are extremely late to the party my friend.