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As someone who has experienced both psychologists and psychiatrists as a patient I can offer this insight: Present a problem - any problem - and a psychiatrist will reach for a prescription pad. You'll be categorized, cubby-holed and dropped into some neat definition listed in DSM5. A psychologist doesn't have this easy-out. No meds. They are more motivated to provide real help because they can't fall back on the 'simple solution'. Just my 2 cents. BTW: Main problem for me: depression.

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I came to say something like this. Bravo.

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Thank you for your insight Dr.Riviera. I think most of these people need to calm down before they give themselves skin failure.

It sounds to me like most of them are suffering from "bonus eruptus." It's a terrible disorder where the skeleton tries to leap out the mouth and escape the body.

Our one chance is "transdental electromicide." we'll need a golf cart motor with a 1,000-volt "capacimator," stat!

But really your right, Pyschology IS total bullshit. At least in the context you are talking about!

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Psychology is pseudo-science

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It isn't a scam if you set your expectations straight. It can help you help yourself, it's just not going to do miracles.

Sometimes, when psychology doesn't work then you should consult a psychiatrist instead, not a shrink.

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Some people have real psychological problems. Like overwhelming anxiety. A lot of it potentially caused by neural developmental problems steming from vaccines they received in infancy. But regardless of why, they need help. There is a need for psychology. People just need to stop elevating it to the level of science.

The real failures of psychology originate outside of it. It is political and social influences that corrupt it. And it is a cult like pseudo intellectual worship of scientsism that props up the bullshit. The cultists believe that by labeling it science it is imbued with the credibility of a rigorously proven fact. Yet they replaced the scientific method, and critical study, with gatekeeping. Now what is accepted as "science" is determined by political operatives who have captured control of the institutions.

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A psychologist cannot prescribe medication. I believe you are referring to psychiatry. There is a difference.

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I met and fucked 6 different girls from my Psych 101 class. It was a really big class.