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You foment chaos on SaidIt.
Why do you think we give a shit?
Now you want to be serious and for us to care?
Are you donating some of that income to SaidIt?
The markets are part of the problem.
The markets are a scam.
You prop up and play into that scam.
Smarten up, be productive, resist tyranny, and/or fuck off Ed.

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Lizard Luzr

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You mean you're up to $1500 to fuck around with your FOREX account or do you mean that your entire net worth is $1500?

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and now i am sitting at $2k and my current position should take me to $2.3k or $2.5k

other than my trading account, i am pretty much dead broke... got a few bucks in my checking and a hundred in cash in my pocket.

no worries, i am a fighter.

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Can I change your flair to Horatio Alger?

I've been doing the same thing but with crypto and stonks, no options. When times are good it generates a nice little chunk of change, but times aren't always good.

Wife wants a house, a bunker, compound, or island fortress. I'm working on it.

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Good for you my dude. Share your portfolio.

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My portfolio is my account.

i probably foolishly believe that i have finally nailed this math(after seventeen years of fulltime obsessing with this crap)..

i am a veteran C language programmer, been coding C since 1991 and i began programming on an atari in 1983.

following are my most recent positions:

kind regards.

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If you get rich give me 100 bucks so I can lose my virginity to a venezuelan hooker

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Yes, I promise.

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Adopt me

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done. as long as you call me daddy.

btw, i have had a profile up on a bdsm(bondage, whips and chains bullshit) website and i have a few nibbles locally.. you gotta setup a paid account to be able to communicate with them, which i havent done yet... i first setup the account and let the pm's come in and then i will need a prepaid debit card so that i dont put my debit card into this site and get burned...

in a perfect world, i would enjoy to have two submissive servant girls.. one will preferably be my age and will assume the role of my spouse and the other will be young enough to pass for my daughter... in public, we would be just another happy family... at home it will be a different story... lets just say that i will have full privilege with either or both of them.. i will engage in a full bdsm lifestyle.. i might do things to degrade them, such as when i go into the starbucks i will leave them outside sitting on the sidewalk. and maybe when i go to walmart, i might leave them sitting in the back of my truck like dogs.

i already love them dearly.

my bitches.