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(This is a repost because /s/SanctionedSuicide is not on /s/all)

I don't use the site, but I used to browse the subreddit (/r/SanctionedSuicide) because it was one of those subs that was inevitably going to be banned. The content wasn't that interesting (complaints about life, vague posts about suicide methods, and the occasional survey or news article), but it was quite open (at least in terms of the rules/moderation) compared to other subreddits. All I can say is that I kind of miss it and am glad that there's a site continuing its legacy. I am not familiar with the site and thus can't comment much further about it.

I find it upsetting that the site has been excluded from the Wayback Machine. A while ago, I had the idea of trying to save all the threads on there in case the site gets shut down. I didn't go very far (I wasn't sure how to do it, and I'm not familiar with ArchiveTeam), and today, this happens. I don't even know if it's temporary or permanent.

Edit (2021-12-16): It seems that the admin Marquis has left. The new admin "RainAndSadness" has temporarily made the forum private. I do not have an account and thus can not view any announcements for the time being.

On an unrelated note, the site bans users for being "pro-life". This is quite different from the subreddit, where "pro-lifers" were allowed by the mods despite being disliked by much of the userbase. (At least, that's what I remember. It was over 3 years ago.)