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Half of my poems (note: some of the poems are terrible, still working)

The life of a soldier isn’t warm and inviting, instead, it’s cruel and dividing Can’t believe your eyes when your best friend dies, and a dying enemy lays right by your side, as you lay and cry for your beloved one all night, while you fight for your country and not out of spite, God Bless America, And let freedom forever fly.

Painting and coloring are not the same Just as music and culture are not to blame It is not easy to explain, but from now on you can contain, the feeling you express with your pain because nothing is the same

It will get better is what people always say But life and pain are not the same, pain will change And the process through time will become the beginning of time Pain will change and never stay the same, no matter how much You think you know pain will be pain and never stay the same.

When I die, you will still be mine cause you’re divine as if you were frozen in time with no wrinkle upon your face, it is a beautiful thing.

Bad luck or bad livin, either way, you are trippin over here and over there anywhere I don’t care, so why don’t you leave, leave, and let me be, I don’t care where you go, just leave me

The first look made me faint, it was the first time I saw your face and here I am about to leave, to make you be with me, cause you’re more than my lover, you’re my best friend, my only friend

Isn’t it sad that someone that you knew would turn around and shoot you, yeah, I know it happens all the time, but every time I wonder why sometimes they have a reason, but eventually, they will go to jail, or if they die they will go to hell

You lied to me, you said you didn’t care about the other me but you lied, and I despise you for that, no matter where I’m at I’ll always hate you for that, but still you cared, and I realize, that I was the jerk and that I hurt you.

I would climb the tallest mountain, swim the largest sea, just so you could be with me where ever you are, I’ll be there, and if I’m not, I swear I won’t break your heart like he did, I swear.

One day life will end and all its sufferin, all that will be left is death death will eat its way into your soul, until nothing is left to do, just as fast as life started, it ended with a glimpse of an eye, everyone will die

why does life have to be so boring? I know I am annoying, cause it was something I said or something I have done, just makes you want to run out the door, or hide in the corner, either way, I can still say something annoying.

I thought I was going to die until I looked into your eyes, I saw my whole future before me, and then I realized you belong with me.

Isn’t it funny how a few words, can have your head turnin and how you can lose everybody who thought you were somebody the truth is life is tough, you can’t turn your back on what is right.

I wish I were yours I wish you were mine together forever like a sweet not bitter wine.

I wish you were the person I was looking for other than that I kinda adore you, the way you act and try not to laugh hopefully, you find that person too the person that will make you laugh no matter what they do.

you are my friend nothing more I’m sorry if you’re sore, but I really don’t care it’s obviously the truth, so why go find someone nice, and someone that is perfect for you yes its true, someone out there is looking for you.

Love under the sky, with you right by my side this couldn’t be more perfect, even if I was about to die, I still would want you to be by my side.

I opened my heart and let you in then you turned your back on me just like she did, I can’t stand to look at you anymore, so I’m done, I’ll move somewhere far and meet someone nice everything will be alright.

What is a friend, is a friend someone who will leave, or someone who will stay for all eternity, nobody really knows what a friend really is, all they know is a friend will always be there for you even though the roughest of times, no matter what happens they will never leave you behind

Goodbye to you farewell my friends hope we meet again, no matter where I go or what I will become, I will always remember you, my friends, you are stuck in my mind, like a thorn stuck in my heart, but the pain is washed away by the love in your eyes

I’m starin at you, thinkin about us, wonderin if I should jump on that bus, knowing that it isn’t worth the risk at all, because you would just make me fall in love with you all over again and then you would shove a dagger in my chest I told you I didn’t care, but every time I’m around you I feel like I need some air but every time I fall in love with you, eventually my heart gets broken in two. __________________________________________________________________ Every time I see you I become a new guy and I feel like I can fly, cause you are an angel from the sky, who fell for me a small-town guy, the reason is unclear, but every time I’m near you I feel a spark of two.

The other night I saw a star in the moonlight it reminded me of you, the way you shine so bright, in the sun or in the rain, you are perfect just the way you wanna be, even if you're without me.

Life has is very demeaning you might get fat or become a brat but you have to decide what to do about that nobody controls you except for your parents if they didn’t you would probably be in prison or running from the law so no matter how much you complain or disagree remember this You can’t win em all