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“The CDC claims that one of the ‘factors driving the Southern HIV epidemic’ could be the apparent bigotry of Southerners. ‘Issues such as homophobia and transphobia, racism, and general discomfort with public discussion of sexuality may be more widespread in the South and can lead to higher levels of stigma,’ the CDC claims. And increased levels of stigma — according to the CDC brief — ‘may limit people’s willingness to seek HIV testing, care, or prevention services.’”

I agree that this all sounds preposterous.
However, this statement is a CDC confession.

Kari Mullis (Nobel prize winning PCR inventor) was opposed to Faucci's AIDS scheming and called the AIDS crisis as a fraud.
Mullis conveniently died in August 2019.

HIV was a depopulation scam.

A preliminary run for what we're living through.

If there's a higher "AIDS" death rate among any given demographic then *assuming they were targeted is not an illogical conclusion.

"HIV positive" people were victims of the medication called AZT.

AZT is to HIV, what Remdesivir is to Covid.

Both medications are a death sentence.

Incredible claims require credible evidence. Evaluate the evidence, and decide for yourself.

BBC Documentary proving HIV has Never Led To AIDS

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I saw an excellent one-hour+ interview with Mullis a few months before the lockdown, just before he died and, yes, he makes a good argument that HIV is not a virus but that AZT is pure poison. And, yes, Fraudci's career was made by what was called AIDS and the AZT connection to big pharma. In that interview, Mullis says, "Fauci knows nothing about anything." In other words, I completely agree with you including the fact that the outspoken Nobel Prize winner, Mullis, had to be taken out before the Covid Nonsense could begin. Thanks for the link and I will look for the Mullis interview to link here. It is nearly two hours but if you are interested in the subject of CV it is a must-see. The interviewer and production company owner, Gary Null, has been spreading truth for decades.

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I never saw the entire interview.
Thanks for that.

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You're welcome Mr. Chomsky. And thanks for generative grammar theory and being so strongly opposed to the Vietnam War. 😀 We'll be damn lucky to see the likes of Kari Mullis again.

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Why are gay men always so butt hurt? Oh, never mind. I think I just answered that question.

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I can think of several reasons.

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One thing I've learnt from wokeism is that white people are indeed crazy.

But that's why we win and take over shit, the unpredictability.

No one wants to fight the crazy guy.