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I hate the NPC meme because it's dehumanizing language...

but I also have this feeling like I have had in dreams... like why do I think so differently from everyone around me? It's just weird and borderline unnerving at this point. But that's the point of the MKULTRA-style Project Mockingbird propaganda, is to induce this feeling, right?

I'm just very confused about a lot of what is happening, as I imagine everyone else is. So we all have that in common, at least. I think inducing feelings of confusion is also part of the propaganda though, as it disables people. Confused people won't unify to solve real problems.

I just have this feeling like I've been running a marathon to find the truth for decades now and I look behind me and it turns out everyone I thought I was running with me stopped running a long time ago and I never realized how far back everyone was until now.

They say hard times makes for strong men, and strong men create good times, and good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times. It's a cycle that never ends. I think we are in the "hard times" part, and the weak people are being forced to become strong through hardship, and boy is it not fun at all.

I don't know what to do other than sit back and wait, and just try to occupy my time with things that bring me joy instead of hitting my head against a wall over and over trying to talk to people who don't want to listen. But if everyone with uncomfortable truths did that, then there'd be no way for culture and community to move forward... so there has to be a balance. But lately I am out of energy to try and spread the truth because the absolute force of manufactured culture right now just makes it seem like an impossible task. It wouldn't work if people were more critically-minded, but most are too tired and too time-poor and and too emotional to really think about things clearly. Especially when the chips are down and they're scared, then they revert to old ways of behaving apparently, trusting the media they know is lying to them, and trusting the pharma companies they know are corrupt, just because they're so desperate for a solution to exist. A sense of desperation that was created by the media blowing covid way out of proportion. Problem -> reaction -> solution.

I don't get how people don't see this. Can you imagine a world where 90% of people know the above, and it's seen as common sense? Maybe someday. I have a dream.

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It's a cycle that never ends. I think we are in the "hard times" part, and the weak people are being forced to become strong through hardship, and boy is it not fun at all.

Just because it's not 'fun' doesn't mean it can't be enlightening. Embrace the pain and suffering. Embrace the transformation.

I just have this feeling like I've been running a marathon to find the truth for decades now and I look behind me and it turns out everyone I thought I was running with me stopped running a long time ago and I never realized how far back everyone was until now.

The search for truth is not a carnival cruise line full of swinging singles.

Problem -> reaction -> solution.

Easy to observe for those with eyes to see.

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They are training a whole generation to mistake their capitulation to targeted manipulation for badges of excellence. Your first priority should be yourself and your own health, mental and physical, and that of your family and closest friends. Stop wasting your energy on others. Stop expecting others to stand up, expecting others speak up, wondering why everyone else got left behind, etc. You can wait til you are blue in the face for others to stand up and speak, only for them to say the wrong things. You should focus on positive things and things you can actually change. Let everyone else do their own thing, their behaviour will catch up with them eventually. Prioritize yourself and don't allow the mistakes of others to waste your time.

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    Lol. I'm amazed the mods of this sub let you keep this comment up. If you were posting on DAR this comment would have been deleted in minutes. Stop larping that you are going to 'take down' 10k people. You're full of shit and probably a shill designed to make dissidents look violent, which we aren't. It's also hilarious that you would imply it's some type of 'catholic' NWO order controlling things. Wow. Can you get any more obvious Mr. Shekelstein?

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    I would have nuked it, but he replied to m7, m7 needs to see it for sure

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    Heck, even if everything fails, and I guarantee that I can eventually setup the raid on the CIA and FSB, I'll setup a solo run myself and I guarantee I'll take down 10,000 + of this Catholic MoFos before going down myself.

    This is low pyramid and the kind of shit that can ruin saidit.

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    I'm sorry I admitted it was kind of controversial myself but I honestly don't know in what other way we can seriously oppose the government.

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    There are ways to hint at that shit without spelling it out. I don't think the idea will accomplish meaningful and sustainable change though. and murder is fucked up*

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    I wish things weren't so split as they are now but we are in a "It's them or us" scenario. They are literally committing mass murder as part of their agenda. Either way, I've been wanting to have a long chat with you guys about the controversy behind my sub.

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    If you'd like to hear from someone who disagrees with these points, with those at the sub, and a "Nationalist Revolution" and thinks there are much more immediate and effective solutions to national problems without having to use questionable rumors, do let me know.

    For starters, let's think of Schopenhauer's 3 evils: paranoia, pessimism and suspicion

    Those will not be helpful in a revolution for the 99%

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    Neither is shilling for pedophiles, but you don't seem to grasp this.

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    Awesome. Thanks for letting me know.

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    You don't give a shit. But u/Magnora7 shouldn't be played by shills, but it seems to be his weakness.

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    removed for advocating violence

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    I see precisely what you see. Well said.

    Communication on the internet is a huge part of the problem. Human communication is a very poorly understood phenomenon, but I theorize that humans evolved to communicate face to face. We need the body language and auditory voice cues that real-life conversation provides to gain context. This business of "communicating" via keyboard (as I am doing right now in response to you doing the same) has eliminated a lot of the context we need to understand each other fully. This allows for de-humanization en masse.

    Having said that, ours is certainly not the first generation to face a moral panic. I am quite sure the people in the witch era in the 1600s felt an equal terror as an equal wave of irrationality and hatred washed over the "out" group of the time. So maybe the internet is just the current expression of the same age-old insanity we have been subject to since the beginning of humanity.

    But I have noticed that people I talk to IRL (which I do as much as I can, even with random passers-by) are not nearly as insane as what we are seeing on all these "boards". People express stupidity in these "keyboard exchanges" that they simply don't say face-to-face. The effect of insulation from the social pushback is real. I am also quite confident that people are confusing what we hear through media (of all kinds, social and traditional) with reality in a way that is flat-out wrong.

    We talk about this so much on this site. Having these sociopaths sitting in the middle, able to "adjust" the stories we are trying to send one another across "their" media, is a terrible model.

    As much as possible, get off these screens and talk to people. Maintain our calm, but don't stop talking. Even when it's uncomfortable, keep talking. I saw a piece by a guy recently who was unexpectedly optimistic, saying that he thinks we're coming out of the darkness with this insanity rather than entering it. If he's right, I would expect people to realize over the next several years that all this time we are spending on these keyboards - here I am as I write this - is a dead end. We have gone into a blind alley, and it's time for us to put these machines down and get back to a direct experience of the world around us rather than a mediated one.

    The times in this moment are very dark, without a doubt. In dark times or light, however, the best any of us can do is to model the light. Your posts do that. I deeply appreciate your perspective and the forum you have maintained here (even with all the flaws any such forum will have) for discussions such as this.


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    Thank you. I agree with everything you say. But it's very hard to meet people with the internet being corrupted, and all IRL places of meeting being shut down or having weird rules that result in uncomfortable conversations if I am to speak honestly. I am having a hard time "going along to get along" as most people seem to doing very hard right now. Maybe all this will fade away in a few years and it'll just be a bad memory. I am just shocked, honestly. And I shouldn't be, but I am. There's just so much absolute bullshit happening right now that it's system overload for my brain, and I'm not sure that the solution is to go pet a kitten and play video games all day, you know what I mean?

    There's a lot of uncomfortable emotional labor that needs doing in the public square right now, and it seems very few want to do any heavy lifting.

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    That's a great observation. Online chatter can take the human element out of conversation and can bring out the worst in some since there is no ongoing feedback.

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    Witch hunting at the time was the attempt at rationalizing, not the opposite.

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    People are stupid.

    But people are group animals who are meant to work together not come up with the solutions all on their own.

    One of the worst things in hindsight was letting lockdowns, masks, vaccines, etc become a left vs right issue. There are both left and right wing arguments against these things and we need to employ both.

    One of the best things anti covid measures people in the US can do right now is to reach out to those groups like BLM and form a single issue alliance with people they would otherwise fight. This strategy has been very successful for feminists in the UK over the trans issue.

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    You are not alone. There are millions of us. The effort to force these poisonous fake vaccines on us are crimes against humanity and even though that is being fully exposed by doctors, scientists and independant journalists all over the world the evil tyrants are doubling down on it.

    We must all now all work together and co-ordinate to fight them.This is a war. Our weapon is the truth and our ammunition is the testimony of all the scientists and doctors that have produced the videos to put that truth out there. Share those videos with everyone you know.

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    Of course I support the vaccines as the most promising means to quickly wipe out the morons.

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    You and your Jewish over-lords of course love the murdering of millions.

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    I do not participate online as much as I once did, but I felt I should say a bit here. I agree with you on many levels, and respect what you have said. The country seems to have lost its mind, and the world is not any better. Especially the English speaking world that it is easy for us to get our news from. I often wonder if 5 eyes isn't creating an intentional narrative of the world view that we have. Is it all a distraction from the collapse of the US dollar?

    I am not sure what's going on, but I am sure that lines are being drawn. The way that people talk is so entrenched, so black and white, so us verses them; its the talk of people who are not willing to compromise. Its the talk that leads to civil war. I often think that agencies are trying to steer the narrative to eventually benefit their cause. But I think this time they are loosing control.

    I wish I didn't live so close to Seattle. I wish I owned property with land. I wish my extended and immediate family agreed with me, even a little bit. I wish this wasn't happening.

    But I am glad for places online like this. For people who have sanity and decency like you. We are not all shills and bots. We are not all crazy, or extreme. Thanks to everyone with a sense of humanity and decency left in them, thanks for being out there.

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    Thanks for this.

    Here's the rub: whereas we should challenge Big Corp and money in politics, the anti-vax movement will continue to divide people. Big Corp and the .01% are manipulating the anti-vaxxers so that they'll argue over facts and science, whilst the .01% fleece the 99% for everything. It should be obvious. We saw 4 years of this under the Trump Admin, with politicians handing themselves tax breaks while putting the US $27 trillion in debt. Now that there is an opportunity to invest in the 99% (the jobs bill; and the defeated voters' rights bill), rather than give more money to the 1%, there is absolute resistence from the GOP and 2 traitor Senators. The solution to this insanity is obvious: vote greedy politicians out of office next year, and help elect an electable person who represents you. Reasonable solutions can only occur at that level. Regarding anti-vax campaigns: who does it benefit to make people mistrust a vaccine that's been administered 6.6 billion times without incident (with the exception of 2 dozen blood clots)? This campaign benefits the .01%, because they want COVID19 to spread, as this makes them rich, and harms everyone else. I normally don't want to influence anyone on Saidit, and I am under no illusion that I will convince an anti-vaxxer, but if I were to genuinely want Saiditors to know something, it's what I've written here. The anti-vax propaganda is a psyop, an information war meant to get votes for the GOP. Check the facts and science of their claims. Think of who pays millions for their propaganda. Moreover, the temporary profits of 2 or 3 Big Pharma companies are nothing compared with the long term benefits of the GOP control of politics, where they deregulate corporate oversight (as they've done in the past) and they borrow from China to give themselves tax breaks, leaving you with the bill. THAT's the problem, not a vaccine. Of course Big Pharma cannot be fully trusted. But who will regulate them? The GOP? Hell no. Vote the bastards out of office. Are vaccines dangerous? No. Does an increase in the percentage of vaccinated adults help open small businesses and end lockdowns? Yes. That should be a priority.

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    whereas we should challenge Big Corp and money in politics, the anti-vax movement will continue to divide people. Big Corp and the .01% are manipulating the anti-vaxxers so that they'll argue over facts and science, whilst the .01% fleece the 99% for everything.

    Yes, this bears repeating. This is clearly what is happening, at this point it couldn't be more obvious. Yet so many don't see it.

    The solution to this insanity is obvious: vote greedy politicians out of office next year, and help elect an electable person who represents you.

    Yeah, if only we had a legitimate voting system instead of a rigged electronic-only one run by one company that's never audited, and mathematically guaranteed to be dominated by two parties by design. Voting local is good though. But people who seek power are usually the ones that shouldn't have it.

    The idea government represents the people is just a fiction perpetuated to keep those in power, in power. The "social contract" is just the minimum amount of stuff they have to do to trick the public in to supporting their positions of power. Now that we're in a crisis situation, we see the social contract go right out the window, because now people are kept in check by fear, rather than by acceptance of the social contract.

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    (Sorry - one more point) Yes, there are problems with elections, which is why twice the required number of people need to be engaged in them. And yes, politics attracts greedy jerks. But the people who wrote a bill to improve the election process were stopped in their tracks by the GOP and 1 or 2 corrupt democrats. This bill could hit the floor again if there were not as many of the GOP. Anyone in office more than 2 terms really should be voted out of office (as these are often the greedy jerks). The prospect of a career as a legislator must end. It's an honor and a public service, and it's good to have actual Eisenhower conservatives in office, if anyone really wants to do that. The current GOP (and many Dems) are not focused on public service. I appreciate that this is rather aspirational, but I do think we should focus on this process in the next year, even those of us who want the GOP to win. Get the old folks out, I say. On the issue of electoral and corporate legislation, only the Dems are pulling their weight in this category, but there are hopefully "conservatives" who may eventually agree with them. Years ago there were many deals agross the aisle. McConnell and other crooks need to go, if there is going to be any actual legislation in D.C. Currently everything is a standstill. And Biden and the Dems should be much bolder than they have been. They appear weak.

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    Voting participation doesn't matter one iota if the voting system itself is rigged. It matters not who votes, but who counts the votes. Especially in a system like ours that has zero transparency or paper trail.

    Thinking about things in terms of Dems and Reps is like watching Professional Wrestling and believing the Kayfabe is completely real. It's Kabuki Theater at this point. Like this comic:

    Neither side is standing up for Americans in any way, shape, or form, for over 40 years now.

    Vote all you want, but there are bigger things to focus on. One solitary piece of input to the political system every 2 years isn't going to solve our problems any more than it already has.

    Time to focus on the thing that controls them both. It's more powerful than either of them.

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    OK - then - this is why I have been at Saidit: I'll look forward to reading about the proposed alternate solutions. (I regularly ask for examples, especially at debatealtright, but I've not seen any effective examples. I've noted what I think will work. Thanks for setting up the discussion, another reason I visit Saidit.)

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    You are transparent!

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    H. G. Wells would be impressed.

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    Shit joke.

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    a vaccine that's been administered 6.6 billion times without incident (with the exception of 2 dozen blood clots)

    When you feel the need to so massively exaggerate the figures in order to support your point you just prove that even you know your point is not based in reality.

    Bottom line, only lies need more lies to support them. The truth stands up by itself and the truth is millions of people are being injured by the vaccines.

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    Where do you think I got the number? You think I made that up? Before you make a fool of yourself, search for the numbers. Here, I'll help:

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    Of course Big Pharma cannot be fully trusted. But who will regulate them?

    why trust their vaccine then? Why give them immunity for it?

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    It's not just their vaccine, as the resarch for vaccines developed world-wide. Collaboration between virologists and other medical scientists helped develop the vaccines. We can trust that this collaboration, the science behind is, and the relative successes of 6.6 billion doses already administered and previously tested quite thoroughly. My note that Big Pharma cannot be fully trusted refers to other problems with Big Pharma that are unrelated to the vaccine, which is an international project. I did not say that they cannot be trusted on all matters. It would also be really foolish of them to screw up the arrangments for the vaccine.

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    A big part of the problem is the anonymous nature of the internet, which means that our enemies can sit in on our conversations while pretending to be our friends.

    If a social media portal were to require full registration of it's users, this bullshit would stop in two seconds.

    of course this also means that we would also need to know who the operators of these forums really are.

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    Yeah it's a sort of paradox of internet forum anonymity.

    More anonymous conversations bring about more truth because people don't hold back, but it also allows for bad actors. But having complete identification removes bad actors but also removes the anonymous cover that allows them to speak freely.

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    bad actors need anonymity. good actors like anonymity only because they are duped into being afraid by the bad actors.

    it is my opinion that if a social media portal were established that required members to fully identify themselves, pehaps going as far as having a whatsapp video call with them would squash all of the bullshit.

    never show fear to your enemies.

    the current social media model only serves to turn communications into a clusterfuck for the good actors.

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    good actors like anonymity only because they are duped into being afraid by the bad actors.

    Well, people do lose the careers over relatively benign statements on a regular basis. It's not an empty fear. There's good reasons good people would want to avoid reprisal for saying the truth

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    people would want to avoid reprisal for saying the truth

    welcome to nazi germany.

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    and USA during mcarthyism

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    I feel that the problem is the Internet.

    i've gone offline a lot more recently, and IRL things are just not so bad at all. AGITPROP is a real thing and its very bad for you. I used to feel just like you do but now i just worry about me and the rest of the world can look out for itself.

    I cringe thinking about some of the shit I used to believe.... yes bad things are happening, but not in your backyard. the net just magnifies the worlds problems and dumps them in our lap. IRL its crickets...

    you are welcome. you are now free to do whatever you like. enjoy your playthrough. :D

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    Every man is an island. We each live in our own world. The best we can do is to take care of ourselves and our families. Keep the faith, but don't let the noise of the world outside your head drown out who you are. I am not a religious person, but I think the first verse of Niebuhr's Serenity prayer fits the philosophical struggle you're going through. It can be frustrating when others don't see what we do, even if we feel we are clear in expressing our views and the facts. We also don't always see from other's perspectives, shaped by their own experiences and knowledge. Sometimes the best you can do is express yourself and move on. Being part of a movement is great, but without doing our part to be the best we can, that movement doesn't happen. You posted content and information online. You helped make Saidit happen so others have a more open exchange of ideas. You took time away when you needed to take care of things. The only constant in this world is change, and it is up to each of us to work with that change to come out better on the other side. Be satisfied with yourself. Don't sweat the rest.

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    Thanks. I believe we have to come together to form some sort of community or consensus to really have any forward progress in on a broad scale. Being alone all the time isn't good, so being an island isn't great. Having a family isn't being an island, that's a community too. Everyone should do what they can to build something bigger and better than the system that's currently decaying right now. Thanks for your kind words.

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    I was using the "every man is an island" metaphor to say that each of us is an individual and has the responsibility to take care of our self so we can be a part of something bigger. I did not mean to infer isolation is the way, although some of us are just built that way, and that's ok, too. I see you being of great influence, even if you don't feel like you are doing enough at times. There's the different perspective I was talking about.

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    Is anyone trying to do this besides me? I organized weekly online Old Testament readings for a small online religious community. I traveled around until I found a good place for a physical community which I hope to move to eventually. And for the longer term, I hope to organize an intentional ethnicity. Is anyone else doing any kind of community building?

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    You are nutters.

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    The world is entering an era where there are no collective solutions. So long as the individual's mind is collective, that is, fundamentally involved in a more or less symbiotic relationship with the collective, there will be less and less solutions. Only the full individuation of mind and consciousness can provide a degree of peaceful enjoyment of life to the person.

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      You don't understand the individualism of the mind. People's minds are collective. That's why everybody's buying the same shite. That popular crap. The iPhone, the Nike, the Tesla, and so on.

      What you call "individualism" is simply them being self-centered and egoistical. Riots at Walmart on Black Friday? That's not individualized mind, it's collective mindlessness.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

      "temporary pleasures"

      You remind me of one of those religious preachers who are so Heavenly minded, they believe that everything created by man or outside of the context of their book canon is inherently corrupted, sinful, wicked, etc.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      That's not true individualism, that's egoism you are harping about.

      [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      I'm starting to come to this conclusion myself, although my personality is definitely opposed to the reality at hand.

      I was raised to think about the collective first, the individual last.

      [–]fschmidt 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (7 children)

      Humanity has become too stupid and depraved to function. Until a few billion morons die, nothing will improve.

      [–]magnora7[S] 7 insightful - 1 fun7 insightful - 0 fun8 insightful - 1 fun -  (6 children)

      Overpopulation is not the problem, stupidity is, as you mentioned. A lot of people dying doesn't fix that. Truth and awareness in a culture does. So if we want to combat it, we have to spread truth to anyone who will listen.

      [–]fschmidt 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (4 children)

      If you tried to spread truth to chimpanzees, this wouldn't make them particularly successful because they are just too stupid to benefit. The West has been decaying genetically for about 200 years, and I think it has reached the point that culture alone cannot fix it.

      It is worth understanding how the current West rose in the first place. It was harsh Darwinian selection combined with religiously enforced monogamy to prevent negative fisherian selection during the medieval period that increased genetic quality to the level that the West could succeed. In particular the Black Death killed 30 to 60 percent of the population and greatly increased genetic quality. Much of this is covered in the book A Farewell to Alms. We need similar genetic improvements again before we can hope to recover culturally.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

      I do agree with your thought process, but then you get on the bandwagon of the Jewish over-lords and support their scheme.

      It's one thing to hope for something good to come out this (the betterment of our evolution) another thing to support the actual crimes which might (might) produce the results you want.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

      I think he's saying we could have a black death that would kill off the weak, that's kind of what covid does but it's not really that threatening, won't kill 30 to 60 percent of the population anyway. I don't see how he is supporting jewish overlords or whatever.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

      He also thinks the vaccines killing all morons is a good plan, so, wisen up, why don't ya

      [–]goobandit 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      So if we want to combat it, we have to spread truth to anyone who will listen.

      I’m around a ton of wokefolx and no matter how much kool aid they’ve chugged, they have no words when I’ve said “Do you believe [they] would ever tell us the truth? Haha no way.” It’s a neutral statement, it’s us versus the problem. They know. We all know. It feels good to raise people’s awareness, leave them better than you found them.

      [–]Cass 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (7 children)

      I've been working in call centers and speaking to all kinds of people. Most are stupid and they get angry if you try to tell them the truth about what's going on.

      I recently read an article about the Great Reset that scared me so much it kept me up at night

      I feel powerless.

      [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

      The goal IS to make you FEEL powerless, because you literally have all the power.

      [–]Cass 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (2 children)

      I started a new job last week and after doing some research I found out I'm literally working for the Rothschilds and Blackrock. It sucks balls and I want to quit already, but I have to stick with it at least 3 months because of the contract I signed.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      Learn your lesson. Never sign a contract.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

      Should I get angry back at them if they get angry at me for telling the truth?

      [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      Why not? It's not like we're at a stage where offending people is the worst that can happen.

      [–]Cass 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      No, what's the use? It'd be like that meme about playing chess with a pigeon.

      [–][deleted] 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

      I like this:

      " Just keep saying the truth and planting seeds, but take care of your mental health too."

      Key concepts here. I just plant seeds, not more than that.

      [–]magnora7[S] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      Yup, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

      You can show someone a thought but you can't make them think.

      It's good to just keep planting seeds, and taking care of your mental health so you have a good time on this Earth while planting seeds.

      [–]thefirststone 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (4 children)

      But Texas just made a law for $10k reward for ratting on people getting abortions. So it's all just kind of a fucking joke at this point. The people are not being represented in any aspect of government or industry.

      The people who kill babies? Good.

      [–]magnora7[S] 11 insightful - 1 fun11 insightful - 0 fun12 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

      Well regardless of how you feel on abortion, paying people to $10k rat out other people for breaking the law is some communist-level nonsense

      [–]thefirststone 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      Yeah, I'd rather get away with murder, too.

      [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

      yeah I made a different post about that, I think the ratting people out for money part of the law is no good, just make abortion illegal if you want it illegal, I know there is roe v wade, well send it to the supreme court, they got 6 repubs now, they can't reverse roe?

      [–]magnora7[S] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      Yeah it's a mess, it's like they waited for a moment when everyone was distracted by coronavirus to pass a crazy bill that wouldn't have ever passed otherwise. A lot of places seem to be doing that right now...

      [–]sproketboy 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (13 children)

      We're in the end times bro.

      [–]magnora7[S] 4 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 2 fun -  (5 children)

      I bet it felt that way in 1944 too.

      [–]soundsituation 5 insightful - 2 fun5 insightful - 1 fun6 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

      Have you heard of generational theory? It encompasses a lot more than I'm up for getting into on here but we (taking the liberty of assuming most of us were born roughly between the early 80s and mid 90s) belong to the same generational archetype as the young adults of the WWII cohort. We're both considered Hero generations.

      [–]sproketboy 5 insightful - 2 fun5 insightful - 1 fun6 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

      The Fourth Turning is a good book.

      [–]sproketboy 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

      We didn't have Nukes and CRISPR back then.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      No, but the evil ones were talking about it, planning for it, and rolling out similar things. Sensitives could feel the times that we are living in now, they could feel our tense thoughts.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      The same feeling is occurring today because the Earth-shattering events we are experiencing were being thought up back then.

      The world is ending, and goody-two-shoes like you need to wrap your mind around this, and quit looking for an insane culture to wisen up.

      It's going to crumble.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (6 children)

      Honestly, that makes it feel even more scary.

      [–]sproketboy 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (5 children)

      Well, at least it answers the Fermi paradox.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (4 children)

      What is that?

      [–]sproketboy 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

      Fermi paradox

      Is search hard?

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

      i'd think, even if humans wipe themselves out, there still should be some many trillions of intelligent life forms out in space, that at least a few would end up smart enough not to kill themselves and would want to explore the universe

      [–]sproketboy 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

      should be some many trillions of intelligent life forms out in space

      Information Theory is a branch of mathematics. Those guys would disagree - their calcs seem to indicate super rarity. There's a fair chance that we're all there is.

      [–]GraviAss We Can 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

      The world, the man is at it's weakest point I believe, information is available at such a scale, it is so easily manipulated at this kind of scale and the amount of populace that is fed this shit is enormous, uncountable and is a powerful tool to behold. This is the time of digital and information - they collide and merge, it's everywhere, everyone is fed the same filtered grain that someone wants everyone to eat, be the one that is not being fed and see the results - Pain, madness, suffering. To be the so called minority of one is almost being insane, but hold strong, for it is strength that makes life easier, no going around. Endure and struggle - Minority of One, One?

      [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      I'm here.

      [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (8 children)

      What if the world is rigged almost by design? That things are always going to evolve so that the most heinous gets in the highest levels of society. Or it can be that its just "easier" to take the evil road than the good road. Either way, it's still messed up.

      [–][deleted] 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

      It all boils down to the origins of thought. Shrinks know that there is ZERO evidence that thought is man's creation. So, if you remade your view of the world based on the idea that thought comes from elsewhere. What would your view of the world be then? What would make sense?

      This is a supremely worthwhile exercise, since it is a very fundamental aspect of life that applies to EVERYBODY. How can we make sense of the world if our idea about what controls the individual is fundamentally wrong? We can't. Do the exercise, you will be amazed at what it reveals.

      [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

      Test his words, people. They are better than anything else on this thread. Do the exercise.

      [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

      Thanks. Most won't, and that costs mankind dearly. Especially now that time is short and the pressure is high...

      [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      No, most won't, and some who will are going to stop exercising their minds after waves of pollution temporarily overcomes them. The lying scum in power are inadvertently adding to this thought-pollution through the controlling of meager personalities.

      Speaking of which, it was a blow when I realized I could no longer enjoy music the same way as before. I've been playing guitar and bass for years, and have more or less put these down due to the involutive effects my upbringing had on making and listening to modern music. I still haven't rectified this issue; obviously, some part of me clings to waste. And the pressure is indeed high...

      [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      Evolution is life-affirming, so the heinousness that you see, this is involution.

      [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      I think people want a better kind of evil tyrant in charge, one that doesn't push weak sjw theories, and is all about strength. All thru history people enjoyed following strong men.

      [–]Jesus 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

      /u/magnora7 The world isn't going insane, it is just that insane people control the corporations and how they run. I went outside and farmed, did not see one insane thing. If you want to know the true naturalist technocratic agenda being slowly implemented, PLEASE READ THESE BLOGS AND TWITTER USERS; (Alice McDowell's Blog) (Alice McDowell's Twitter) (Corey morningstar's Blog) (Corey Morningstar's Blog)

      These two individuals, espeically Alice McDowell, show you EXACTLY what the well placed anti-Christ scumbags, Zionists included, are planning by showing you what they ACTUALLY talk about and write about in their white papers and think tanks.

      The goal is a new technocratic order based on social credit, which will be implemented slowly over a 50 year period using sustainability and covid, among other viruses as the defining motive. It isn't really about sustainability but about the financialisation of nature, the digitization of all aspects of life in a metaverse --Crypto and Blockchain are part of this transformation as well! Considering capitalism was failing due to the unsustainability of a propped up retail economy, a crisis had to occur and a new social contract had to be imposed, so they claim.

      Think human capital markets, data-pharming, impact/value markets based on the WEF's stakeholder model.