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Where is the SS and Gestapo when you need them? General Sherman would know how to take care of the situation. Kill the shit out of them as they cross the border. They'll never come back.

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Kill the shit out of them as they cross the border.

you speak like a foolish child.

i have deep insights into this situation.. 1) i have lived in mexican border towns and i am quite familiar with both the common people of mexico and i am familiar with the mafia element of mexico. i once sat with the number one mafia boss in a very serious border town and he was a beautiful man and very powerful.

you are fighting a tsunamai... you are standing on the beach watching the water go outwards into the ocean.. you think that you can withstand the wave.. but no, you can not and you will not.

you are going to get wet.

texas is now a mexican territory again. also, texas is a muslim territory.

you can not fight this.


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With a cold iron resolve we could kill the living shit out of the invaders but we won't. Such a shame; giving up without a fight.

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with all respect, i tell you that your thinking is like the thinking of a child.

when you try to kill them, you are going to find that you are outnumbered by twenty to one and then they will kill you.

and then lets back up a few steps... what prevented you from doing something about this fifty years ago?

the thing that stopped you from doing something is that you think like a selfish child.

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You were never with the 101st Airborne were you. You have no clue just how deadly our army really is. I have seen it. Have the CIB to prove it.

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no, i never was with the 101st airborne..

but then, i have lived in those border towns.. i am fairly familiar with the culture..

btw, i almost promise you that your 101st airborne will not stop anything.

are they stopping anything?

no, they are standing on a beach staring at an oncoming tsunamai.

you gonna get wet.

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I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like victory.

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you are mistaken if you think that this mexican invasion will be stopped..

it will be slowed down a bit, but texas is now a mexican territory, whether you like it or not.

remindme later.

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Throw a couple A-10's and a C-130 Puff Gunship at them with the gatling guns blazing and watch them run and splatter. Our government just lacks the conviction to do it. You know how a door gunner shoots women and children? He doesn't lead them too much.

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that is a great plan. be sure and let me know how it works out for you.

when you say gunship, are you referring to a ship that goes in the ocean?

cuz if so, we dont have an ocean on the texas border... unless you are talking about the matamoros/brownsville border crossing, and the ocean isnt there anyways.

i actually crossed my estranged mexican wife and my daughter at the matamoros crossing years ago.

i almost drowned.

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    this actually is the doing of muslims.

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    this is a hopeless cause to block in incoming migration from mexico. Fighting this is like standing on a beach and arguing with a tsunamai.

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    Biden invites them in and Abbott thinks this will stop them, you can't stop benefit bandits going after all them $15 hr jobs.

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    when all is said and done, texas will become like a mexican border town and mexico will pretty much be the same as before.

    texas will benefit because of the huge influx of mexican gangsters, and they aint no joke.

    gangs from mexico specialize in extortions and kidnappings and they will kill you in a flat minute.

    the united states will soon look like venezuela.

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    Guess you have not been to Tx, Laredo, Brownsville, McAllen, El Paso is about 100 % Latino.

    It's all about cheap labour, need the lawn cut, hire a Latino, need a baby sitter hire a Latino. Look at all restaurants (generally speaking ) it's all Latino, Americans wanted cheap labour and this is what happens but now there going to get $15 an hour. My granddaughters tried finding work (16-18) and no one would hire them, one question ask was do you speak Spanish.